The three major spokespersons appear at the vivo S9 conference to be scheduled on March 3

Today, with the three spokespersons of Cai Xukun, Lisa and Liu Haoran, vivo officially announced that the new vivo S9 will be released on March 3. Its warm-up copy is “light” loading, which is different; high “light” in place, Good film, not afraid of late; always focus on “clear”, easily freeze the light in the eyes, respectively suggesting the three bright spots of vivo S9.

In fact, in the video of Cai Xukun’s start-up that was exposed last week, the red envelope that opened was the vivo S9, showing the light and thin characteristics of the whole machine. Judging from the vertical display of the side frame of the phone in the video of Cai Xukun, the vivo S9 is indeed very thin and light, and it should be good Feel.

In addition, the three spokespersons dropped their fingers on the shooting button of the selfie after they painted the “S” logo. Combined with the high “light” of the previous copy and the focus on “clearness”, it can be seen that the S9 is expected to be in place. There will be new black technologies appearing in the camera clear, night scene selfie. In fact, selfies have always been a big selling point of the vivo S series. Although the video does not show the mobile phone selfie lens part, and the specific specifications are not clear, I believe that with vivo’s years of accumulation in the field of selfies, the selfie performance of the vivo S9 is very worth looking forward to.

At present, there is still about a week before the launch of the vivo S9. We will continue to pay attention to the development of the new phone. As for the vivo S9 and the three youthful spokespersons, what surprises will it bring us? Why don’t we all look forward to the new product launch on March 3rd?