The tide machine of the "Lemon" in the Spring Festival. Huawei nova6 series of honey talk is on sale.

The Spring Festival is not only a time for family and friends to reunite, but also a fashion show for young people to go home. Everyone will show their most fashionable and most fashionable side. For young people who pay attention to "beauty is justice", if a brand's mobile phone does not have "beauty", it means that there is no "soul". Instead of aggrieving itself, it is better to choose other mobile phone brands.

In order to please young people, major mobile phone brands have been "working hard" on the value of their products, and the trendy mobile phones that currently attract young users after 95 and 00 are the hot-selling Huawei nova6 series.

The Huawei nova6 series has four colors: Provence, Honey Red, Su Yin Blue, and Bright Black. First of all, in terms of appearance, you can instantly impress young people. The warm and calm honey language red color, the round and magical bright black color, the deep and mysterious Suyin blue color, and the romantic Provence color are all loved by young people.

Huawei nova6 series Provence is an out-of-the-box "explosion model". The mysterious lilac body fuses with metal texture. The official experience has repeatedly tested the diaphragm combination, process, thickness and color, and finally adopted "3D glass + 3D light and shadow "The double-stacked scheme presents brilliant textures like metal, vivid colors like silk, and spatial extension like glass.

It's a rare year to meet. Young people are indispensable for a large party in the New Year. The elegant romance of Huawei's nova6 series Provence, under the illumination of various lights at the party, is more psychedelic and beautiful, bringing new visual effects.

In addition, in this 2020 Spring Festival, Honey Red is more suitable for the New Year. Miss Sister is holding a beautiful Huawei nova6 5G Honey Red and appears in the party with friends. Honey Red is not only more popular than the Spring Festival. It's commensurate, and it's also a "postcard" that the lady takes in her hand and displays her personality and fashion during the Spring Festival.

Su Yinlan is more suitable for cute boys. The little brother uses the Huawei nova6 series Su Yinlan during the Spring Festival. Whether it appears in the streets or the mall amusement parks, in a red ocean, the blue body with the spectrum flowing in his hands. , Is the best color CP belonging to this New Year red.

Bright black is more suitable for many young Buddhists who have a calm heart and a calm heart. In this year of the rat, they attended various social occasions and faced everyone's carnival in the New Year. They still calmly brushed their phones and immersed themselves in their own world. These contrasts are adorable, and Huawei's nova6 series of bright black really is with the young Buddhists Perfect match.

In addition to stylish and beautiful body color matching, the Huawei nova6 series also supports three self-timer functions of 105 ° ultra-wide-angle selfie, front 32 million autofocus (nova6 5G), and portrait super night scene 2.0, plus the clarity of front 4K video recording. Performance, perfectly solve the various New Year's selfie problems for young people. During the Spring Festival, using Huawei nova6 5G selfie family portraits, taking selfies under fireworks show, or recording Vlog videos on the dinner table, Huawei nova6 5G can almost meet all your selfie needs for the Spring Festival, and shoot a very different New Year.


All in all, the Huawei nova6 series has been meeting young people's constant pursuit of trendy colors and bringing cooler trendy entertainment experiences to young people. Especially for young people to participate in classmate gatherings and old friends gatherings during the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rat, they can highlight the international trend and become the focus of the audience. Blooming a very different trend of beauty.

At present, Huawei nova6 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3199 yuan (USD $457) ; Huawei nova6 5G 8GB + 128GB version is priced at 3799 yuan (USD $543) , 8GB + 256GB version is priced at 4199 yuan (USD $600) . If you want to be the most fashionable and personalized young man in this year of the mouse, choose the Huawei nova6 series!