The top four new domestic car manufacturers! Zero running new car planning exposes "dumpling" car making

On July 1st, Zero Run Automobile announced that its June orders reached 4,107 vehicles, and the number of orders in the first half of 2021 reached 21,515 vehicles. At the same time, LS Motor delivered 3941 new cars in June, a year-on-year increase of 893% and a month-on-month increase of 23%.

But now, the cumulative delivery volume of zero-run cars this year has exceeded 20,000 units. Compared with the new domestically-made car-manufacturing big brother "NIO", its cumulative delivery volume this year has reached half of the latter, and zero-run cars have begun. Ranked among the "top four of new domestic car-making forces".

Recently, LS Motor launched a partner conference, in which LS Motor’s new car plans for the next few years were disclosed in this conference.

According to the plan, we can see that by 2025, the leading car will continue to launch a number of new cars and SUV models. In terms of power system, in addition to consolidating the existing pure electric drive technology, it will also introduce a longer battery life. Program version of the product.

At present, the brand has completed the launch of the Zero Running S01 Cool Play Edition, Zero Running T03 Comfortable Edition and Zero Running C11, but the Zero Running C11 has not yet been officially delivered. The delivery time of the Deluxe Edition and Premium Edition is expected in October this year.

In the plan for 2022, the zero-run C11 four-wheel drive performance version will be delivered before 2022; and the T03 modified & imported version and the C01 pure electric sedan will also be released in mid-2022. It is worth mentioning that the leader will launch the C11 extended-range model at the end of the year. According to reports, the model is already in the development stage.

In addition, compared with other new car-making forces that have not yet established factories, the zero-run car is also more representative. However, the entry is late, but the mass-produced models are rolled off and delivered quite quickly. In some new car-making forces When the leading auto companies had not built their own factories, the auto-built factories of Zero Run already had mass-produced cars off the assembly line.

At the same time, some time ago, the "Hefei State-owned" investment alliance, which once relied on "venture investment" NIO to achieve great success, handed out an investment olive branch to Leaper Auto, which also made Leaper Auto attract more investors' attention.

The self-built factory is put into production, and the new model C11 is about to be delivered. It has been favored by many investment institutions. It is no longer as good as the fast-track zero-running car. We will wait and see what height it will reach this year.