The under-screen camera is outdated. The vivo separate lens wins the German Red Dot Award

From the world's first front lift camera to the world's first main camera of the micro-panel, vivo is the hardest core in the industry in the development of mobile image technology. However, in the latest German Red Dot Award list, we found a more "crazy" idea. , That is, vivo introduced a separate lens design called IFEA. On this concept phone, the front camera can not only be hidden in the body, but can also be split remotely for taking photos and videos.

Vivo has actually built this phone, not only can separate photos and videos, but also control multiple cameras at the same time. As a replaceable camera module, vivo IFEA can also implement four shooting modes including fisheye lens, wide-angle lens, telephoto lens, and ordinary lens.

This separate lens uses a magnetic design, automatically charges when connected, and adds an anti-lost function for distance detection. Of course, as a creative concept, this technology needs more room for improvement. For example, the thickness of the body, the battery life of the split lens, the camera effect, the remote control distance and so on. However, it is undeniable that the design of the LFEA separate lens of vivo is quite thoughtful, and we look forward to mass production.