The under-screen camera you want is here, it turned out to be a product of this brand

Every time a mobile phone manufacturer releases a new flagship mobile phone, I always see this opinion in the comment area:

  • It’s digging the screen again, don’t buy it.
  • The digging screen is too ugly.
  • Why are phones with digging screens always out?

Last year, various true and full-screen models fought, and everyone found that a complete screen was so beautiful. However, due to the position of the lifting structure, almost all manufacturers have abandoned the design of true and full screen this year, except for Redmi.

And the hole-digging screen will become the mainstream of this industry, just like the bangs in 2017 and the water droplets in 2018, it is estimated that it will continue until the under-screen camera technology matures. I believe that many people have been holding money for purchase, just to wait for the launch of under-screen camera phones.

So when will the phone with the under-screen camera come? This morning, ZTE Mobile’s official WeChat account gave an exact answer, which was September 1.

It turns out that the new Axon20 series that ZTE is about to release is the first mass-produced machine with an under-screen camera.

This news is quite unexpected. After all, the manufacturers who have demonstrated under-screen camera technology include OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi. Everyone estimates that the first mass production opportunity will be born among them. ZTE’s reality is surprising.

For more information about the ZTE Axon20 mobile phone, I searched for the network access device of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and found a new model A2121. The appearance of this phone looks like this:

The front is a 6.92-inch OLED screen without openings, and the back is a 64-megapixel quad camera.

The processor’s main frequency is 2.4GHz. First of all, it can be determined that it is not Snapdragon 865 or Dimensity 1000+, so this may not be the positioning of the flagship.

The overall size is 172.1×77.9×7.9mm, weighs 198g, and has a battery capacity of 4120mAh.

Previously, the codename of ZTE Tianji Axon10 was A2020, and Axon 11 was A2021, so this A2121 is probably the new Axon 20 that will be released soon.

Regarding the under-screen camera technology, it is not difficult to hide the camera under the screen. The current digging screen is actually a generalized form of under-screen camera display.

The difficulty lies in how to maintain the shooting quality of the front camera and the display quality of the screen at the top of the camera.

The APEX 2020 concept machine previously shown by vivo is a model with an under-screen camera. Because vivo has redesigned the pixel arrangement and circuit in a small area, and changed the light transmittance, it can be clearly seen on the top of the screen. The difference comes.

The specific effect is like you could see the fingerprint module under the screen in the sun in the early days, but the effect of vivo APEX 2020 may be more obvious.

OPPO also demonstrated the under-screen camera technology last year, and also released some samples of the front camera. The shooting effect is like this:

In fact, if you don’t say it, it’s like a copy effect with a front-facing camera with only 2 million pixels. It’s an OPPO machine.

This shows from the side that the under-screen camera technology is really difficult.

However, in June of this year, the domestic screen manufacturer Visionox suddenly announced that the world’s first under-screen camera solution was ready for mass production. That’s right, the screen manufacturer that often uses “Zhou Dongyu”.

I won’t introduce the specific technical details. Let me show you the official renderings given by Visionox.

It seems that the effect is still good, but I just don’t know what the real machine is.

Later, according to the Weibo content of Lv Qianhao, director of ZTE’s Consumer Experience Department, Tianji Axon 20 uses the solution from Visionox.

Moreover, it was declared that when the self-portrait effect was blindly tested, “my lady said yes”, everyone should not be prejudiced against Visionox’s screen display.

But to be honest, ZTE mobile phone and Visionox screen panel, these two brands stand together at the same time, everyone’s expectations should not be too high.

Even ZTE dared to be the first person to eat crabs, so will mainstream brands make under-screen camera phones far? I believe that in the remaining few months, the mobile phone market will become very fierce.

Wait for the party, and eventually it will usher in victory.