The unmissable luxury choice for Double Eleven, the world's Samsung W21 5G

Exquisite life is not about more but about essence. On Double Eleven, “squandering flowers gradually desire charming eyes”, it is more necessary to quietly search for an exquisite good thing to enhance your quality of life. Samsung W21 5G combines ingenious design, high-end experience, and innovative technology. Since its release on November 4 and the first round of pre-sales, it has become the ultimate choice for exquisite and noble life. At 10:00 on November 11th, Samsung W21 5G will be available for pre-sale again in Samsung's online store, Xinxintianxia APP, Samsung's official flagship store on, Tmall Samsung's official flagship store, and Samsung's Suning flagship store Offline channels such as Samsung's offline authorized stores, Xinxintianxia stores, and China Telecom business halls have been launched simultaneously, and there are multiple gifts.

Exquisite design is outstanding

Details determine quality. The reason why craftsmen can create exquisite masterpieces is because they put ingenuity in every detail. As the 13th generation product of the W series, Samsung W21 5G is different from the past. It adopts an innovative embossed glass back panel, which presents a sense of refinement and high-level in the flow of light and shadow. The theme of the array wings adds a sense of freedom to the carved glass with a sense of order. The wings swing with the screen opening and closing, with a degree of relaxation and ease.

The hinge shell of Samsung W21 5G adopts a precise multi-face metal cutting process, which echoes the design of the glass back panel. The combination between metal and glass conveys a sense of strength and end, and the noble and elegant gold color scheme has always been a symbol of grace and luxury, such as the sun pouring down, dazzling and dazzling, highlighting the elegance of users tolerance.

Innovative technology disrupts imagination

Innovation is constantly breaking through the boundaries of imagination. W21 5G uses a 7.6-inch (right-angled) super-sensory flexible main screen, plus a narrow bezel design, which makes the visual perception more open. The 120Hz adaptive refresh rate brings a natural and smooth reading and movie viewing experience, allowing users to deeply realize that the future is right in front of their eyes and their lives are under control. The external screen reaches 6.2 inches, and the internal and external screens can be seamlessly connected, and there is no fear of restriction between opening and closing.

In addition, with the help of multi-angle rotation stop technology, W21 5G can be folded and fixed at different angles. Whether you are doing yoga or cooking, you can complete video shooting without the aid of a tripod and easily control the trendy lifestyle. Multi-angle viewing and shooting experience in various poses add more fun to life. In the multi-tasking function, the W21 5G internal screen can also open three applications at the same time, which makes it easy to handle work and life efficiently.

High performance, luxury and honor

Please yourself, follow your heart, do your best, and be in control. As Samsung’s first dual-SIM dual-standby folding screen mobile phone, W21 5G can effectively distinguish between work and life. It not only ensures the seriousness of work, but also does not disturb the privacy of life, and has a truly high-quality life.

In addition, W21 5G is equipped with advanced 5G technology to bring users a fast experience when downloading, browsing, and gaming. The AI engine-driven Snapdragon 865+ flagship chip and LPDDR5 memory make the running speed more smooth. Up to 512GB of large-capacity storage space, you can save more life photos and videos. The 4390mAh dual-cell smart battery makes battery life worry-free, and sufficient power brings a sense of security. W21 5G's perfect high configuration performance has penetrated into all aspects of user experience, and intimateness is everywhere.

Choose one thing for the rest of your life, not for the prosperity and ingenuity. After 13 years of hard work and innovation, W21 5G has been dedicated to ingenuity, infused with noble design and future technology, and came to the exquisite life of users. Condensed the essence of the years, exuding shining light. At 10:00 on November 11th, Samsung W21 5G will soon open the pre-sale channel again, bringing users a new choice of quality life.