The user complained about the big problem with the iPhone 12, and Apple responded: confirm the wireless charging

After the iPhone 12 series went on the market, minor problems continued, and many users were very dissatisfied. Apple is also slowly following up and solving it.

Now, Apple said that there is a problem with the wireless charging of the iPhone 12, which is real. They are currently following up and will push new patches to solve it.

Many users said that there are problems with iPhone 12 wireless charging. For example, wireless charging can be done normally on the first day, but wireless charging cannot be used on the second day. After restarting iPhone 12, the wireless transfer point can be used normally for a period of time, and then the problem occurs again.

In addition, there are some Qi-certified wireless chargers that cannot charge the iPhone 12 normally. Some netizens received a reply after contacting Apple's service support. Apple has understood the problem and is developing a solution, which will be repaired soon.

In fact, in addition to the above problems, there are users who complain about the iPhone 12, such as the poor signal, and the power loss during standby. These officials have not responded.