The vacuum cleaner is also lightweight? Rock H6 handheld wireless vacuum cleaner

In the past, traditional vacuum cleaners needed to be dragged with the main unit and connected to the power cord to be used. The cumbersomeness and cumbersomeness are people's inherent impression of vacuum cleaners, and they are often only used once when the whole family is cleaning. With the development of technology, handheld wireless vacuum cleaners It gradually replaced the traditional vacuum cleaner and became the new darling of household cleaning. Xiaomi's ecological chain company Roborock Technology, which has been working in the market of similar product sweeping robots for many years, also launched its first wireless vacuum cleaner, Roborock H6, at the beginning of this year. In the fiercely competitive domestic wireless vacuum cleaner market, how will the Rock H6 break through?

As the world’s first wireless vacuum cleaner using polymer ultra-light lithium batteries, it has a smaller heat generation, a larger battery capacity, and a smaller power attenuation. The weight of the whole machine is only 1.43KG, while the traditional wireless vacuum cleaners are mostly in Above 1.5KG. Don't underestimate the weight difference of several hundred grams on the book. You should know that most wireless vacuum cleaners need to be hand-held for a long time to clean, and it will take tens of minutes to make it easier. At the same time, the battery life is longer, and it can be used continuously for 90 minutes in the energy-saving mode. After two or three years, traditional wireless vacuum cleaners will experience a significant decrease in power, and polymer lithium batteries will only experience a slight decrease in battery capacity in 3-5 years.

In addition to battery life, the most important thing about a vacuum cleaner is naturally to suck cleanly. The 420W DC brushless motor brings an excellent suction power of 150AW, which not only vacuums dust, but also sucks out old dirt and bed mites. Extremely fast start-stop technology, press to fully open the horsepower, not only the suction is always online, but also to avoid the suction loss during the start and stop, the active brake when shutting down, and the use of kinetic energy recovery technology to further save electricity.

At the moment when sweeping robots are popular, vacuum cleaners are ignored by many people. However, in real life, there are still many usage scenarios such as bedding mites, desktop cleaning, etc., which cannot be done by sweeping robots; therefore, a qualified vacuum cleaner is the same It is a daily necessities. Stone H6 is just such a product, with a variety of suction tips to meet the needs of comprehensive cleaning. (1) Full-effect and self-adaptive brushing tip: sucking away dust, hair, and debris particles on the ground; (2) Mattress removing mites tip: Deeply sucking dust mites and allergens, the removal rate of mites is 99.9%; (3) Brush suction head: Effectively clean curtains, car environment, etc.; (4) Gap cleaning suction head: Let dust in narrow gaps have nowhere to hide; (5) 7 times retractable hose: Can be matched with brush suction head, gap cleaning The tip is used.