The Voice of Bond J5 Experience: Exquisite and durable Guofeng true wireless

Now true wireless earphones have basically become the standard equipment of smart phones. Whether it is for daily calls, listening to music or playing games, true wireless earphones are more convenient to use. And in the past two years, domestic brands have also performed well in the true wireless headset market. Not only are they very popular in the mainland market, they are also welcomed by consumers even in the international market.

In the past two days, I have been using a true wireless headset with a Chinese-style design. This is the JBU Sound of Bond J5, which is different from many headsets that are used to call Air, Pod, Bud, etc. The name reflects its own Chinese cultural symbols. This headset is provided by Tai Huo Niao.

This headset has five colors with a strong Chinese flavor, namely carmine, daisy green, indigo, fine white, and jet black. This time we got the jet black version. The packaging of this headset is relatively simple, briefly introducing some of the features of this headset.

The design of the charging box of the Sound of Bond J5 is more textured. It adopts a magnetic opening and closing design, and brings sufficient battery life support to the headset. The battery life of a single headset is 4 hours, and the charging box can increase the total battery life to 32 About hours, it is much higher than the common earphones on the market, and it uses a pure cobalt lithium battery. The charging cycle can reach 1000 times, which is more durable.

The design of this headset is more characteristic. The retro filigree inlay process is adopted on the handle, which looks very delicate and feels very good. In addition, this headset also uses a touch-sensitive operation method, which is easier to use and can be completed Including operations such as making and receiving calls, switching tracks, and adjusting the volume, you can put down your phone and concentrate on work and study.

In terms of sound quality, although the Sound of Bond J5 is an entry-level price, it is still equipped with a relatively good configuration. It uses a 10mm PU composite diaphragm + cashmere composite diaphragm sound unit. After professional tuning, it can bring More distinctive sound quality, its three-band equalization is better, and the vocal details are also more in place.

In actual use, when listening to music, this headset does not have the cheap feeling of headphones at the same price. Whether it is wearing comfort or music playback, it is relatively good, and daily use is more satisfying.

In terms of games, this headset has also optimized details such as delay, and the stability of the connection is relatively good, so you can get a more comfortable gaming experience. In addition, in games, this headset can also provide a more realistic sense of space, and the restoration of footsteps and vehicle sounds is also more detailed, which can bring more help to game operations.

Therefore, in daily use, for friends who like to listen to music and play games, the performance of the Voice of Bond J5 is indeed more reliable. In addition, this design also attaches great importance to details, and it is done in a more national style, so for student parties and workers, the overall experience will be better than other headphones of the same price.

Of course, the call is still the essential work of the headset. The Voice of Bond J5 also adds the noise reduction function of the CVC call software. It adopts the full-duplex microphone noise reduction software. When used outdoors, it can effectively reduce common noise such as wind noise and engine sound. , Improve the clarity of the voice of the call, so as to get a clearer call experience in the noisy outdoor and carriage. At the same time, when the game is black, you can communicate with your teammates more clearly.

Overall, the biggest feature of the Bond Voice J5 is the design style with strong national style. This is a point that many domestic true wireless headphones are accustomed to ignore. At present, most domestic headphones like to pass Pro, Air, Pod. The nameless vocabulary has packaged itself as an international brand. In contrast, JBU Fetters Voice really has a back-to-basics feeling.

In addition, compared with many headphones of the same price, the functions and configuration of the Sound of Bond J5 are also considered to be at the upper-medium level. Among them, the battery life should be more advantageous. The only drawback is that this headset uses a Micro USB charging interface. It is also equipped with a data cable randomly, plus it has a long battery life, infrequent charging, and it has little impact on daily use.

If you want to choose a headset with a moderate price, good configuration, and a certain national style, then the J5 J5 should be a choice worth considering.