The whole network has followed more than 1.8 billion times! What kind of IP is really popular

During the National Day, Douyin & Toutiao dual-platform topic exposures exceeded 1.8 billion times, offline and online interactions exceeded 100 million, Guofeng Dadian live broadcast has accumulated more than 1.5 million online views, and the number of online viewers is nearly 40,000…This is as of 10 On the 6th, the first answer sheet was handed in for the "2020 National Wind Ceremony" in Salt Lake City of the East.

From October 1st to 8th, Giant Engine and Oriental Salt Lake City will take advantage of the cultural and social trends to create an influential cultural IP. In the ancient charm of Changzhou Jintan Maoshan·Oriental Salt Lake City, we will join hands. The big names of the tide of the nations and the celebrities of the national style have created the "2020 National Wind Ceremony" in Eastern Salt Lake City. Through the three major sections of the National Wind Carnival, the National Rhyme Show, and the National Music Festival, we will promote the Chinese national style and culture and lead the new national style. Trends help cultural inheritance.


Zhongxing joins hands with 1 20+ Douyin celebrities, a luxurious national style lineup assembled

In recent years, with the rise of the national tide, non-hereditary inheritance, and the prosperity of Hanfu, a new pattern of Chinese cultural revitalization has gradually formed and its influence has increased. And with the rising popularity of keywords such as national tide, national style, and domestic products, the public is no longer satisfied with the product itself, and is paying more and more attention to the "brand value" and "cultural value" behind the product.

Huge Engine understands its far-reaching significance, collides and integrates traditional culture and modern cultural trends, so that it can continue the culture in a way that matches the preferences of young audiences. In the 2020 National Wind Ceremony, Huge Engine and Oriental Salt Lake City convene a lineup, national wind cultural elements and online and offline interactive links to lead the new trend of national wind.

In this ceremony, Giant Engine and Oriental Salt Lake City have invited well-known directors and artists, Guofeng KOLs, non-genetic inheritors and other guests from different circles to help.

Director Zhang Jizhong and artist Li Yugang two heavyweight national style advocates online to help voice the national style, the national style star Shangguan Liu Chang, Ren Yunjie, Quan Peilun, Yao Yang, the national style celebrities Wang Yimeng, Hu Axiaoxiao, In April, the national style singer and composer audio monster, Li Changchao, Yin Lin, Cai Yisheng (aunt 2), Xiao Yiqing…tens of millions of traffic experts, and non-genetic inheritor Fang Haoran all gathered in this national style ceremony , Their amazing performances also brought a different cultural life and vitality to this "national feast" full of multiple elements.


(Live at the National Music Festival)

The national rhyme show on October 5 is divided into four themed chapters: "Zheng·Clothes on the Country", "Entry·Xinghai Yunmeng", "See·Three Dynasties Prosperity", "Exhaustion·Acacia White Head" four themed chapters, huge engine, east Salt Lake City joined hands with Hanke Silk Road, Yaobai and other well-known Hanfu brands to make their debut. With more than 120 sets of showpieces, LOOK opened a magnificent visual feast. In addition to live audiences, Guofeng Grand Ceremony also broadcasted the whole process through Douyin. The show started less than 10 minutes, and the number of live online views exceeded 30,000. Nearly 1 million people both online and offline enjoyed the show.



(Guoyun big show scene)

Ancient Chinese charm, the most i n national style feast of the year

As the first National Wind Ceremony of the Giant Engine in 2020, the site selection and venue layout design are also strict and strict!

In order to fully highlight the charm of the national style, the national style ceremony selected the site of the national style town cultural tourism landmark-Oriental Salt Lake City, the first domestic tourism industry that integrates sightseeing tours, leisure vacations, cultural exhibitions, and mountain sports. It is a national-level leisure and leisure destination with comprehensive characteristics and first-class services and facilities.


(Night view of Oriental Salt Lake City)

The "National Rhyme Show" and "National Music Festival" in this event are arranged in the most distinctive Tai Chi Square in Eastern Salt Lake City. The ancient style, national style, intangible cultural heritage, fashion…all the elements are amazing The stage effect is brought out by fusion, and the harmony grows.




(Live at the National Music Festival)

Different from the general national wind activities, the careful site selection this time also gave a different vitality to the national wind ceremony. The overall site selection, exhibition arrangement, activity links to the content of the event, centered on the national style, and the highly unified detail processing of the entire event, has completely upgraded the national style ceremony into a grand "cultural feast", using ancient style and ancient charm. , The melodious and cool ancient style songs vividly interpret the beauty of fusion of traditional culture and modern trends, bringing the audience a visual feast that seems to have traveled through a thousand years, creating the charm of "the beauty of the country".

More than big shows, carnivals lead the resurgence of national trends

In Xiaoyao Xian Town, Eastern Salt Lake City, the elements of national style can be seen everywhere. The National Wind Ceremony combines the characteristics of the scenic spot to create four major check-in spaces, with the themes of intangible heritage, Hanfu, food, and national trends, linking national wind ecological resources to create different offline experiences, and shaping new national wind forces and new trends in national wind. The scene presented a refreshing carnival experience through scene shaping, traditional cultural interaction, and the collision of trends and traditions.

From October 1st to October 8th, come to the Oriental Salt Lake City National Style Carnival, check in Xiaoyao Xianzhen, big coffee meeting, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, folk food, and you can also win points for prizes. Immersively plunge into the various scene interactions on the streets of the ancient town, and experience the addiction of traveling through time and space; visit the intangible cultural heritage market, hands-on experience of national intangible cultural heritage production, and feel the ingenuity of national art; experience the hegemony of the martial arts leader at the feast of the rivers and lakes Happily enmity; step into the Genshizhen, Peach Blossom Forest, Xiquan Pavilion and other scenic spots to experience a happy fantasy…The various experiences of the carnival have attracted many citizens and tourists to stop. As of the evening of October 6, It attracted more than 60,000 tourists from all over the world to participate.



(2020 National Wind Festival Carnival)

During the grand ceremony, related topics and content of the Guofeng Dadian were spread on Douyin, Toutiao, and Weibo. The topic #2020国风大典# received the attention of the whole network as soon as it went online. On the other hand, #汉服美少年# has read more than 300 million topics and discussed more than 10,000. #风自东风来# has nearly 300 million topics. Use the most fashionable and youngest cultural entry point to successfully make the national style culture out of the circle.


(The live broadcast of the 2020 National Wind Ceremony has received rave reviews)

It has to be said that for the in-depth discussion and exploration of traditional culture, this national style ceremony has done a good job of inheriting and innovation in the true sense, providing more empowerment for brands with cultural heritage, but also for the new generation. Provides new cultural recognition and brand recognition, and inherits oriental aesthetics in a younger way. Let us look forward to the next more exciting feast of the National Style Ceremony!