The world's first country: UK driverless cars may be on the road next spring

According to reports, on the 19th local time, the British government stated that unmanned vehicles may be on the roads in the UK next spring. The government is currently consulting on related technologies. Once the consultation is passed, the United Kingdom is expected to become the first country in the world to approve unmanned vehicles on the road.

Auto-driving vehicles refer to operations that can self-control the vehicle’s advancement, braking, lane change, and obstacle avoidance without driver intervention.

The core equipment supporting the system is generally a vehicle equipped with a lane keeping system, a full-speed domain following system, an active braking system, etc., which can judge the driving status of the vehicle through the millimeter wave radar and camera installed on the vehicle , It can automatically correct the body posture and traveling purpose in different environments for a long time.

The British Ministry of Transport stated that before pushing unmanned vehicles on the road, a series of verifications are needed to ensure road traffic safety. For example, the driver must decide whether to activate the automatic driving system, and the person in the vehicle must be ready to take over the operation of the vehicle when necessary.

The automated system also needs to use a device that can store vehicle information for a long time (similar to the role of a black box), so that the authorities can see the driving status of the vehicle at any time when the vehicle is in a traffic violation.

The investigation and evidence collection of all the above issues will end on October 27th. At that time, the British government will judge whether vehicles with autonomous driving technology are allowed to travel at a speed of 60km/h on British roads and no higher than 112km/h on British highways.