The world's first Huawei P40 series to support 10x optical zoom phones debuts

The Huawei P40 series arrived on schedule, the brightest star on the night of March 26. "The P40 series can not only take pictures of the moon, but also take pictures of the moon," said Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business, at the press conference.

From Yu Chengdong's words, we can see the leading edge of Huawei's photography technology. Through the continuous refinement of mobile phone imaging technology in recent years, Huawei's P series has become the tool of today.

Super perceptual Leica image multi-camera system is amazing

The Huawei P40 series incorporates a sophisticated super-perceptive Leica image multi-camera system. Among the three flagships, the P40 is equipped with a super-perceptive Leica three-camera and the P40 Pro is equipped with a super-perceptive Leica four-camera.

The "Treasure of the Town" that night was the camera emperor pursuing the ultimate image in 2020-Huawei P40 Pro +, equipped with a 50-megapixel main camera (1 / 1.28 inches, OIS) + 40-megapixel movie camera (1 / 1.54 inches, and With ultra-wide-angle function) + 3x telephoto camera (OIS) + 10x ultra-long-range optical zoom camera (OIS) + ToF camera Super Leica ultra-perceptive five-shot.

Huawei P40 Pro + is equipped with a 10x ultra-long distance optical zoom camera. The smartphone zoom capability has been improved again (the P30 Pro is five times lossless zoom), and the power is amazing.

In March this year, the bustling mobile phone market began. Many brands are also trying to win the throne of "camera emperor".

Some of their top flagships support 10x hybrid optical zoom and 50x digital zoom; some support second-generation 10x hybrid optical zoom technology and up to 60x digital zoom. Although temporarily reaching the top of DxO, it does not seem to be able to achieve "Hundred Days of Red".

Up to 10x optical zoom HD from far to near

Huawei P40 Pro + is equipped with a 3x telephoto camera for mid-range zoom, relaying between wide-angle and periscope telephoto to achieve a smooth transition from mid-range to long-range.

The 3x optical telephoto camera is used for mid-range zoom to ensure a smooth transition from mid-range zoom to long-range zoom. Together with the 10x periscope telephoto camera, an excellent optical zoom system is formed. Secondly, this camera is also particularly suitable for portrait photography, close to the 85mm golden focal length.

Relying on the powerful ISP processing capability of Kirin 990 5G and the dual blessing of AI automatic white balance algorithm, Huawei P40 Pro + covers zoom shooting from close to super distant view, and can achieve smoothness between ultra wide angle and high magnification when shooting video Switch.

This is currently the highest in the industry, with great image strength, and the only mobile phone product that supports 10x optical zoom, making the Huawei P40 Pro + stand at the top of the mobile phone photography industry.

to sum up:

In 2020, Huawei P40 series will carry its professional-grade imaging capabilities, opening up more possibilities for the mobile phone industry in terms of imaging power. Looking forward to the launch conference of Huawei P40 series in China on April 8.