The world's first mobile phone industry Huawei P40 series 10x optical zoom performance

The highly anticipated Huawei P40 series was finally released at 21:00 on March 26th. It not only inherited the deep image of the Huawei P series, brought the super-perceptive Leica lens configuration, but also achieved 10 for the first time on mobile phones. Optical zoom and 100x digital zoom capabilities bring mobile phone images to a whole new horizon.

The Huawei P30 series released last year used the periscope telephoto lens for the first time, achieving 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. This time, the newly released Huawei P40 series further optimized the zoom technology to achieve a 10x optical zoom. Throughout the market, mobile phones with periscope lenses can basically only achieve 5x optical zoom and 10x hybrid zoom. The 10x optical zoom brought by Huawei P40 series is of industrial significance.

Optical zoom works best

You may be wondering, what is the difference between hybrid zoom and optical zoom on mobile phones? The 10x optical zoom on the Huawei P40 series can be achieved with only one telephoto camera to participate in the shooting. Because the telephoto camera is equipped with a 10x optical focal length, it can shoot high quality without the participation of other cameras. Picture quality and better optical zoom. The hybrid zoom is a combination of different types of cameras to participate in shooting, and then achieve the zoom magnification in various environments. Essentially, it is an algorithm to synthesize the zoom magnification effect. The resulting image has a worse aesthetic quality than pure optical zoom. From this, it can be foreseen that in terms of mobile phone images, the 10x optical zoom brought by Huawei P40 series is a landmark.

How to fit a limited body into a 10x optical zoom camera?

The key to achieving 10x optical zoom is a periscope telephoto lens, but it is not easy to accommodate a telephoto lens in the limited body of a mobile phone. The Huawei P40 Pro + 's telephoto lens uses Huawei's original 10x zoom structure. The multi-reflection periscope telephoto design allows the periscope lens to be folded multiple times, thereby achieving a 10x optical zoom effect. However, considering the limited internal space of mobile phones, the technical challenges for optical components are even higher, and it becomes more difficult to achieve 10x optical zoom. Through independent expert technology, Huawei has effectively reduced the volume of components, so that this telephoto lens can be accommodated in a small space of a mobile phone without affecting the imaging effect without affecting the use of the mobile phone. In addition, it also uses a glass lens with higher transmittance to increase the amount of light entering the lens, making the photo halo more soft.

Zoom quality is more exciting

When we use a mobile phone to shoot distant scenes, the problem of unclear picture details often occurs. On the one hand, the optical zoom of the camera of the mobile phone is not high; on the other hand, the optimization of the zoom algorithm is not well done. The Huawei P40 series has further iterated and optimized for these two issues. It introduces the Huawei XD Fusion image engine, optimizes the zoom effect through AI algorithms, and enhances face and text detail recognition through super-resolution algorithms such as Face SR and Text SR, allowing users to shoot players on the arena and on the stage. The actors, slogans on high-rise buildings, and the words on the blackboard of a hundred-person ladder classroom can all have near-right clarity.

The back of a photo contains the complex collaboration of optical lenses, light-sensitive elements, algorithms, and chips. Each of these parts must be completed by meticulous R & D and design by a corresponding engineer. A high-quality picture seems simple but is behind it. The result of tens of thousands of people working together. The 10x optical zoom technology of Huawei P40 series can reach the leading level in the mobile phone industry. It must rely on Huawei's technical support and R & D investment behind it. This series of technological breakthroughs also reflects Huawei's future direction in the field of mobile phone photography. Predict and lead.