The world’s narrowest LCD bottom frame debuts, real shots of TCL Huaxing screen

On August 14-16, the 8th China Electronic Information Expo was held in Shenzhen. At this expo, TCL China Star will recently announce the world’s narrowest LCD screen with a 2.4mm package lower frame.

It can be seen that the package of only 2.4mm has reached a level that is almost invisible to the naked eye. According to the information disclosed by TCL Huaxing, more products will be introduced to the market in the future.

It is reported that TCL Huaxing has taken a unique approach to the original COG structure and compressed the lower frame of the LCD module to the world’s smallest 2.4mm (display area to the FPC bending peak), and successfully developed the world’s narrowest LCD lower frame module product. The overall lower frame is reduced by 20% compared to the existing mass production specifications. It reaches only 2.4MM.

We may expect more full-screen products equipped with LCD to be launched.