There are two versions of Kirin 9000. What are the differences?

Huawei officially released the Mate40 series on the evening of October 22. As Huawei's last flagship mobile phone and the first appearance of the Kirin 9000 series processor this year, it can be said to have attracted much attention. There are three versions of the Mate40 series launched this time (there is also a Porsche version), namely the standard version Mate40, Mate40 Pro and Mate Pro+. Among them, Mate40 is the only one equipped with Kirin 9000e processor. Many friends are curious, Kirin 9000e Is there any difference in performance from Kirin 9000?

According to official data, both Kirin 9000E and Kirin 9000 use 5nm process + A77+G78 architecture. Kirin 9000 integrates 15.3 billion transistors. Compared with the A14 processor of the just released iPhone 12 30% more. The CPU part adopts an eight-core design, consisting of an A77 overclocking large core, three A77 mid-cores and four A55 small cores, while taking into account performance and battery life. In addition, it also integrates Mali-G78GPU with 34 cores and three cores. NPU (intelligent AI chip) and quad-core LSP chip.

It can be said that Kirin 9000 is a very powerful processor, especially the improvement in game performance will be quite obvious. What about Kirin 9000e? At present, Kirin 9000e only reduces GPU performance, from 24 cores to 22 cores. Simply put, the game performance will be slightly lower, but the performance in other aspects is completely the same.

Therefore, in terms of experience, there is not much difference between Kirin 9000e and Kirin 9000. You can choose the model freely according to your needs.