There is a picture and the truth, Xiaomi 7 prototype appeared in the idle fish at a price of 1 million

As we all know, Xiaomi ’s digital series flagship does not have a seventh generation, and after the delivery of Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi jumped directly to 8. Xiaomi official even said ridiculously at that time: “Because it completely exceeded expectations (7th generation).”

However, unpublished does not mean it does not exist. Recently, an engineering version called Xiaomi 7 appeared on Xianyu, and the price was more than 1 million yuan. In order to convince users, the seller also uploaded multiple real machine photos of Xiaomi 7 engineering machine.

From the picture, the codename of this millet 7 engineering machine is dipper, the factory system is based on MIUI8 of Android 7.1.1, but it has been upgraded to the development version of MIUI9 based on Android 8.1. In the core configuration, the machine uses the Snapdragon 845 processor and has a 6GB + 128GB memory combination. In particular, the front of the machine uses an 18: 9 full screen, metal frame design, and the back of the fuselage uses ceramic materials.

It is still unclear the authenticity of this Xiaomi 7 engineering machine. There are two relatively large possibilities. The first is that the machine is Xiaomi 6X. After the replacement of Gabor ’s eyeballs (but there is a big gap between the real machine and Xiaomi 6X). The second is the Mi 8 engineering machine with a ceramic back cover.