There will be no active noise reduction function for Galaxy buses + to avoid direct competition with AirPods Pro

At the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S20 series conference in February, Samsung will launch its own new generation of real wireless headset Galaxy bud + at the same time as the galaxy S20 series is officially launched.

It has been said that the galaxy bud + will directly target the AirPods pro, but according to the exclusive report of the foreign media summit, this headset is not equipped with the active noise reduction function, but will sell with a larger battery and better sound quality.


After the release of Apple’s AirPods pro, many Samsung fans believe that the upcoming Galaxy bud + will also be equipped with active noise reduction function. However, at present, since the galaxy bud + does not choose the active noise reduction function, the two products will lose the possibility of positive competition.

It is reported that the appearance of Galaxy bud + will not change much, but Samsung has adjusted the internal design, so the overall sound quality will be improved significantly. In terms of battery capacity, the galaxy bud + will be equipped with 85mah battery, which can last for up to 12 hours. Good news for heavy users.

In addition, the galaxy bud + has improved the poor call quality of the previous generation, with up to four microphones, but the actual effect is still to be tested after the launch.