These small features of ColorOS 7.1 are very useful Find X2 system experience

It's not just the hardware that affects the user experience, the software is also an important part. Not only can excellent software make better use of hardware capabilities, but it can also provide users with a more intimate and efficient interactive experience. Find X2 is equipped with the latest ColorOS 7.1. Based on Android 10, it has created a set of OS suitable for target users and has its own design style. On the Find X2 series, the Art + wallpaper is extremely expressive and has received praise immediately after its release. Some people claim that this wallpaper is the most intuitive reflection of the quality of the Find X2 series screen.

In addition, ColorOS 7.1 has many innovative highlights that can improve operating efficiency. FindX2's in-depth optimization of ColorOS 7.1 in terms of system performance and screen display effects will not be expanded here. I would like to share with you some of the small functions built in ColorOS 7.1 to improve efficiency and experience.

ColorOS 7.1 uses the "light and borderless" design concept, from system tones to design elements that are simple and light. The system also provides options such as personalized themes and custom icon styles to meet different user needs. The default theme style of the system looks relatively simple and comfortable, and the removal of many complicated elements can also improve the operation efficiency. Next, let's take a look at those practical small functions carried in ColorOS 7.1.

The system camera has a built-in super text function, which can extract the captured content in the form of text and supports direct editing of the content. For example, when you see an interesting piece of text in a book and want to share it, you can directly identify and extract the information through the super text function, convert it into text, and share directly. It is more convenient and efficient without typing.

As can be seen from the above moving picture demonstration, the Hyper Text function can automatically recognize the text area. It is equipped with third-party office applications and can be quickly converted into editable Word / PPT, which is very efficient. It is worth mentioning that the Super Text function also supports the camera zoom function, which can get distant content through the zoom function, and the use range is wider.

In addition to extracting text content through the Super Text function, ColorOS 7.1 also supports recording to text function. If you want to record the key content of the meeting and the key knowledge points of the class, it becomes simpler. You can directly record and convert the text, and then extract the text from it, which greatly improves the efficiency.

In addition, the system has also been optimized in many small details, such as the more common split-screen function. Just swipe up with three fingers on the app that supports split-screen to quickly split the screen, and the operation is simple. You can chat while watching the video without delay. Secondly, the sidebar, which is enabled by default by the system, can quickly open the application, taking full advantage of the curved screen and the large 6.7-inch screen.

Through the system's built-in HeyTap cloud function, you can achieve cloud backup and synchronization of data. There are also many applications covered, including photo albums, notes, recordings, etc. Backing up these important data in the cloud, you can also quickly synchronize when you change your phone.

While providing a convenient operating experience, ColorOS 7.1 also pays great attention to security. The system can send blank data to the server while denying the App read privacy, so that the APP cannot be used normally because of denying permission.

The system also has a built-in password book function, which can automatically fill in the account and password of the application, which is more convenient. Accounts and passwords are encrypted and stored locally, protected by a 256-bit encryption algorithm, and common passwords can be safely stored in the password book.

FindOS2's ColorOS 7.1 can bring a fairly good user experience, and it has been relatively complete in terms of interaction efficiency and privacy protection. At the same time, the system also integrates rich and practical small functions, which can directly implement functions such as text extraction, recording and text conversion, and users do not need to find third-party software for implementation. The perfect ColorOS 7.1 further enhances the product power of Find X2, which can attract more users.