Thin and light body, full of blood 2070S! The mechanic F117-X is coming

Nowadays, many friends buy gaming notebooks, and they are not only pursuing more powerful performance, but also a high-quality gaming notebook that takes into account portability and high performance. The high-end thin and light gaming laptop with RTX2070 Super graphics card, the Mechanic F117-X, is a very good choice.

F117-X is the flagship product for the 6th anniversary of the mechanic. The notebook continues the mechanical aesthetic design of the mechanic F117 series. The A and C sides are made of metal aluminum alloy, and the special metal blasting treatment; integrated into the soul movement design concept, the body is thin 20mm, weight 2.3kg. In addition, the mechanic also specially created a brand-new concept RGB photoelectric mechanical logo, with the RGB light strips on both sides of the bottom, the whole machine shows the cool and colorful lighting effect.

As a high-end gaming laptop, the mechanic F117-X has high performance in addition to being thin and light. It is equipped with 10th generation Core i7-10875H processor, with 8 cores and 16 threads, the maximum core frequency is up to 5GHz; the highest optional RTX 2070Super enthusiast game graphics card, supports the latest ray tracing and DLSS2.0 technology; and built-in 360° The all-cold heat dissipation array greatly increases the core heat conduction efficiency and the air inlet and outlet area, and can achieve the “full blood” performance of 45W+115W in the double baking. The high-end configuration and solid heat dissipation make the mechanic F117-X perform well in the following large-scale games.

To get the ultimate gaming experience, with good performance, you need a good screen. Mechanic F117-X can be equipped with up to 240Hz gaming screen. The refresh rate is 4 times that of 60Hz, which makes the dynamic picture more smoothly output, and the opponent’s every move is more clear and recognizable, helping you to win at high speed. This screen not only has high refresh, but also supports 100% sRGB color gamut and native 8bit color depth. The screen display is richer and more vivid, providing users with professional-grade color presentation.

Mechanic F117-X has powerful performance, cool appearance, and a thin and light body. For many game enthusiasts and users with certain portable needs, this game could be said to be a perfect match. Entertainment and work can be easily done with it.

The machinist’s double 11 wave of “king” exploded, and the preferential “strong” attack. The original price of the mechanic F117-X starts at 11699. Now you can save 700 yuan (USD $100) by making an appointment in advance. The actual price is no higher than 10899 yuan (USD $1557) . It also supports Huabei’s 24-period interest-free! Such a big discount, don’t you come to take it away?

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