Think about the release of t14s high configuration version, equipped with the sharp dragon 7 Pro Series processor

In July of this year, Lenovo launched ThinkPad t14s sharp dragon version lightweight edition, which is equipped with AMD sharp dragon 4000 series processor. It provides two types of processor versions: 6-core 12 thread R5 Pro 4650u and 8-core 16 thread R7 Pro 4750u. Among them, the R5 version was the first to be sold at a price of 5299 yuan (USD $757) . Recently, the more advanced version of R7 was officially put on sale with a price of 6499 yuan (USD $928) .


According to the introduction, the ThinkPad t14s sharp dragon version is equipped with AMD sharp dragon 7 Pro 4750u processor, which is built based on 7Nm technology, 8 cores and 16 thread design, and integrated with the radon graphics graphics graphics card. The performance is enough to meet the daily office and image and video design and editing work. Up to 32GB dual channel and 1TB PCIe SSD SSD can be equipped.


The fuselage is made of high-density carbon fiber with a weight of 1.35Kg and a thickness of 16.7mm. The fuselage has passed 12 severe control tests. Equipped with 14 inch FHD high-definition screen, the camera supports physical switch and face recognition login, supports fingerprint identification unlocking, WiFi 6 and other functions.


In addition, the ThinkPad t14s sharp dragon version also provides a variety of expansion interfaces such as type-C, USB 3.1, HDMI, etc., which has excellent endurance performance and supports fast charging technology. It can recover 80% of the power in one hour. At present, the ThinkPad t14s R7 version has been officially sold. The price of the 8GB + 512gb version is 6499 yuan (USD $928) , and the price of the 16GB + 512gb version is 6999 yuan (USD $1000) . If you need it, you can learn more about it.