ThinkPad new product exposure, suspected to enter the game field

For many years, ThinkPad has been one of the pronouns of business laptops. Although Lenovo began to move into other fields after taking over, when ThinkPad is mentioned, basically no one associates it with games. However, Lenovo clearly hopes to further utilize the brand value of ThinkPad. Some netizens exposed a new ThinkPad product, which is equipped with the latest Nvidia RTX series graphics cards for the unprecedented.

Although ThinkPad has always been equipped with high-end Nvidia graphics cards, they all use the Quadro series designed for the professional field. The performance is strong and the game performance is far inferior to the GTX and RTX series. The introduction of the RTX series graphics cards is the introduction of ThinkPad into the game industry. The real signal.

According to information exposed on the Internet, this is a ThinkPad model called “ThinkPad T15g Gen 1”, and it has appeared on multiple certification websites. At the same time, the model can also be found on Lenovo’s official support page. It is basically a new product that will be launched soon.

At the same time, from the certification information, the driver supported by T15g was also queried. In addition to the same GPU driver as the already launched P15/P17/P15vT15p, T15g also added support for Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max- Q’s support, currently only T15g supports these two graphics cards, which inevitably makes people think of whether the “g” in the model suffix stands for “game”?

However, apart from knowing that the other configurations of the T15g are similar to the P15, it is not clear what kind of screen will be configured and what appearance will be adopted, but from the perspective of only supporting 2070 and 2080, I am afraid the price will not be low.