This is the correct way for parents to open their phones

The Chinese New Year is coming soon. Although this Spring Festival has become a bit special due to the epidemic, many people cannot be reunited with their families, but no matter whether they return home or not, the New Year’s goods are always indispensable. Buying a smartphone for parents has become a lot of young people. The first choice, but how to let parents learn to operate smartphones is another problem before us. Even if parents are the trend-makers of the times, they are proficient in mobile payment, WeChat chat, and taking pictures, but the font size is too small and The icons often make them unable to do what they want in their use.

It is a way to manually increase the font and volume in the phone settings, but the largest font and the highest volume in our eyes may not be enough for parents, and this method cannot change the icon size. It should be on a dense desktop It’s still a headache to find the application you need.

I have tried the “Elderly Desktop” developed by a third party, but the simple interface, not simplified but increasingly complex operation logic, made me unable to pass this level, let alone use it for my parents.

Fortunately, in recent years, many mobile phone brands have incorporated ageability into product design. For example, the simple mode in Huawei mobile phones is not only elegant, but also practical.

After turning on the “Easy Mode” in “Settings”> “System and Updates”, the desktop layout becomes simpler, and you get larger fonts, icons and volume than the normal mode maximum. The classic “Return” and ” The three buttons of “Home” and “Multitasking” have also returned. For middle-aged and elderly people, this is obviously much simpler than memorizing complex gestures under the full screen.

The system settings have also changed from list mode to icon mode, and only display 10 commonly used functions such as WiFi, mobile data, Bluetooth, and fonts. There is also a thoughtful “machine guide” that covers how to use the navigation keys, how to connect to WiFi, There are dozens of tutorials for saving new numbers, screenshots, flashlights, taking pictures, etc. The icons are clear and clear, and the text is simple and easy to understand. It can be called a template for the elderly mobile phone user manual. Even if we are not with our parents, we don’t have to bother to write tutorials.

Regarding the problem that the elderly cannot adapt to the digital age, many people think that the elderly are resistant to new things and are unwilling to learn, but many times it is the elderly who are willing to learn but find that smartphones and applications are not designed for them, and their functions are too great. It is complicated, the font is too small, and the digital divide is formed step by step.

However, technology is meant to serve people. People should not adapt to technology. Instead, they should embrace the elderly. In Huawei’s words, let no one be left behind in the digital world.