This is the favorite notebook for young people! Honor magicbook 14 review

Honor Magic Book Series notebooks have formed a good reputation in the mainstream market since the launch of the market. It is very eye-catching in the appearance, appearance, performance, price and other aspects of consumers’ attention, especially its unique function is different from other products. After several years of development, Honor has also transformed from a participant in the notebook industry to a promoter and leader of the industry. Especially during the 618 period, when the “smoke of gunpowder” was just gone, the sales volume of Honor magic book series products exceeded 10000 in 8 minutes, which was hard to meet with rivals at the same price. Today, I would like to introduce to you the latest products of Honor, the Honor magicbook 14 and Honor magicbook 15. Both products are equipped with AMD’s latest 7Nm sharp dragon 4000U series processor, and their performance is explosive.

In addition to its outstanding performance, the Honor magicbook 14 is more mobile and portable, while the Honor magicbook 15 is bigger and more visually stunning. Which one do you prefer? Come and have a look.

I. appearance design: simple and personalized, with unusual appearance

In terms of appearance design, the two products of Honor magicbook 14 and Honor magicbook 15 both adopt family style design. The fuselage continues the metal integrated shell and simple design language, and there is no other redundant design except the blue logo in the middle left.

The shape of Shanghai wave waist line of the machine body is matched with the small blue edge frame design cut by diamond, which can be said to be the most eye-catching place of this notebook. When the screen is opened and closed, the small blue edge will flash with the light. At the same time, it makes the machine more discernible, young and vigorous.

Honor magicbook 14 and Honor magicbook 15 are all full screen design, but there are some differences in the specific performance. The Honor magicbook 14 Ruilong version is equipped with a 14 inch 1080p FHD IPS anti glare screen, and the top, left and right 4.8mm three side narrow frame design, which accounts for 84% of the screen, and brings users the experience of smaller size and larger vision.

In addition, the Honor magicbook 14 Ruilong version supports a 180 ° opening and closing angle of the screen. On the one hand, it provides enough buffer space for the screen opening and closing, which can effectively avoid damaging the screen due to excessive opening angle; on the other hand, especially in business communication scenarios, the screen with a 180 ° opening and closing angle is more convenient to share with others to watch the screen.

The thickness of the Ruilong version of the Honor magicbook 14 has achieved an amazing 15.9mm, and the design weight of the all metal body is about 1.38kg. It is a real lightweight book. Whether it is high-speed rail, restaurants, hotels, even taxis, you can easily become your temporary office, and you should be worthy of the “efficient partner”.

The Honor magicbook 15 Ruilong version has a 15.6-inch 1080p FHD IPS anti glare screen. The top, left and right narrow borders are only 5.3mm. The screen accounts for 87%. It supports 178 ° wide viewing angle and brings boundless full screen visual experience. The size of the whole machine is 357.8mm × 229.9mm × 16.9mm, the thickest part of the fuselage is 16.9mm, and the weight is about 1.53kg.

Compared with the Honor magicbook 14, the Ruilong version of Honor magicbook 15 has a larger field of vision and heavier fuselage. The 16:9 screen and 87% super-high screen are naturally suitable for watching movies. Whether it is watching movies or working, the video and audio experience and office effect brought by this version are definitely incomparable to those of small notebook computers.

It is worth mentioning that both the Honor magicbook 14 and the Honor magicbook 15 have passed the German Rhine low Blu ray certification 1080p IPS anti glare screen, whether in a bright office or outdoor with stronger light, can not only display clearly, but also effectively relieve eye fatigue and protect eyes. Even if you have to stare at the screen for several hours every day, your eyes will not be dry.

The Honor magicbook 14 / 15 Ruilong version also inherits the widely acclaimed wide key cap of the previous generation of notebook products. The keyboard has good keyboard range and feedback, and is more suitable for long-term text input. Office groups can never ignore the experience of notebook keyboard.

In the F key area of the keyboard, the pressing camera is skillfully integrated with the keyboard. This design is not only the basis for realizing the three side narrow frame of the screen, but also more beautiful than other designs of the screen frame where the camera is placed.

More importantly, the press type hidden camera solves the problem of protecting users’ privacy. It pops up when the camera is needed and retracts when it is not needed. A clever design perfectly realizes the three functions of three sides of the screen: narrow border, high security and beautiful appearance.

Honor magicbook 14 / 15 has continued the design of fingerprint identification and power key. After inputting fingerprints in Windows Hello, you can press the power button to go directly to the desktop, which is safe and fast.

In terms of interface, the two notebooks have the same configuration. They have a usb-c interface, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, a USB2.0 interface, a HDMI interface, and a 3.5mm headphone and microphone two in one interface, which can meet the needs of data transmission, mouse connection, device charging and other scenarios at the same time.

More intimate, the Honor magicbook notebook adopts 65W detachable dual head usb-c charger, which is compact and easy to carry. It can not only charge the notebook, but also charge the mobile phone and tablet with usb-c port. The charging cable can also be used as a data cable. In terms of charging speed, the Honor magicbook 14 has a built-in 56wh battery due to its small size, light weight and portability. It can support about 10 hours of daily office work when fully charged. The fast charging technology can charge about 46% in 30 minutes, and the same 30 minutes can charge about 53% of the Honor Magic Book 15 Ruilong version. It can easily cope with half a day’s work, and no longer fear the embarrassment of going out and encountering power failure.

The bottom of the notebook is a large area heat dissipation grille, which can fully ensure the air circulation in the fuselage. The small windows on both sides are the sound system. The foot pad design will raise the fuselage to a certain space from the desktop, so it also ensures that the volume and sound effect of the sound can be better played, and the sound is thick and powerful. It is not necessary to wear earphones alone when chasing plays and listening to songs.

After understanding the appearance of the new Honor magic book notebook, is it still fresh? For me, in fact, I love its simple design, especially the blue waist line and logo, which is absolutely the finishing touch. With a high appearance, what about performance? In fact, this year we all saw AMD’s performance on the Reebok 4000 series processor. It’s really impressive. It’s not only high-energy, but also very cost-effective. It’s really delicious.

2. Performance test: 7Nm Ruilong 4000 series processor is good for AMD!

The new product released this time is equipped with a new generation of 7Nm Ruilong 4000 series processor, which can be up to 7 4700u. In addition, it is also equipped with 8GB / 16GB DDR4 dual channel memory and 512gb high-capacity high-speed solid-state hard disk. The combination of these hardware provides super performance for the new Honor magicbook. How can we see the specific results through several professional software tests. It should be noted that although the hardware configuration is the same, the Ruilong version of the Honor magicbook 15 is compared with the Honor magicbook The size of the sharp dragon version is larger, and the advantages in the internal space will give better play to the heat dissipation of the fuselage. Therefore, there will be some differences in the test results. Therefore, we will also compare some slight differences in some tests to provide a more intuitive feeling for you.


In addition to the 7Nm process, we also have 6 cores and 6 threads, the basic frequency is 2.30 GHz, the maximum acceleration frequency is 4.00 GHz, tdp15w, amd radon ™ Graphics card.


The CPU-Z version benchmark test results show that the single core score of the two notebooks is 489, which is basically the same. The multi-core score of the Honor magicbook 14 sharp dragon version is 2832.1 The multi-core score of the Ruilong version is 2849.3. This slight change actually indicates that the fuselage is larger, and it has some influence on the heat dissipation and performance. However, such a gap may not be felt in practical application. Undoubtedly, the difference in appearance and size is the real influence on the user experience.

Chess benchmark

The benchmark test of chess is mainly to test the computing power of CPU. The final score of the Ruilong version of Honor magicbook 14 was 16011, and that of the Ruilong version of Honor magicbook 15 was 16079, with a difference of only 68 points.

X264 codec test

As we all know, AMD processor has great advantages in encoding and decoding technology. According to the x264 test results, the final score of Honor magicbook 14 is 30.56fps, and that of Honor magicbook 15 is 31.06fps. In terms of encoding and decoding ability, we need not worry about AMD platform.

Cinebench R15 test

In the cinebench R15 test, the single core results of the two notebooks were consistent, and the Ruilong version of the Honor Magic Book 15 was slightly ahead of 924 in the score of multiple cores.

Cinebench R20 is more focused on CPU performance testing. The Ruilong version of the Honor magic book 14 has a single core score of 448cb and a multi-core score of 2300cb. The Ruilong version of the Honor Magic Book 15 has a single core score of 444cb and a multi-core score of 2326cb, which is comparable. In fact, it also shows that the new generation of sharp dragon processor shows super performance, which can easily deal with the multi task processing of daily business office.

2. Video card

Compared with the previous generation, the integrated rad graphics (Renoir) graphics card of the Ruilong 4000 series processor has also improved a lot, which also explains why AMD is more cost-effective.

3dmark 11 test

In the test of graphics card, we first use the performance mode of 3dmark 11, which is the common p score. It simulates the application scenario of notebook in daily office. The final results, Honor magicbook 14 score 4557, Honor Magic Book 15 score 4667, overall, the performance of the larger fuselage is quite perfect.

When running the League of Heroes game, by default, the game frame rate can reach about 115fps, which is smooth and has excellent image quality performance, so we don’t need to worry about the performance of this notebook. There’s no doubt that it’s not only easy to do everyday office work, but also excels at graphics design, video editing, and light gaming users.

3. Memory and hard disk storage

These two notebooks are equipped with 8GB DDR4 dual channel memory and 512gb SSD, so in the test of these two items, we will not describe the difference of scores separately. However, in terms of purchase suggestions, we still recommend purchasing larger capacity memory and larger capacity hard disk when the budget allows. We use Aida 64 to test the memory. The reading speed is 37703mb / s, the writing speed is 35402mb / s, and the timing is 22-22-22-52 CR1, which belongs to the high-end level.

Ssstc is used in the hard disk. This name may be strange to all, but it has a lot of origins. It is the solid-state storage business of Lite on, which was taken over by Jiaxia (formerly Toshiba storage) in September last year. Nvme interface, 512gb, sequential reading speed is 3412mb / s, writing speed is 2209mb / s, which also has medium and high-end level, but compared with some laptops using SATA interface, this speed is simply a suspension.

4. Heat dissipation

The new Honor magicbook inherits the Honor PC shark fin 2.0 silent fan, which brings more cool and comfortable cooling experience. Its high-density S-shaped fan blade can further improve the heat dissipation efficiency, and also can control the noise well. In the quiet office environment, it will not be disturbed by noise.

The ambient temperature we tested in the office is about 26 ° C. both machines have been running for more than 15 minutes using aida64. It can be seen that the curves of temperature, frequency and voltage of the two machines are quite consistent. Although the frequency decreases slightly, it is quite stable after that. The core temperature is also controlled at about 64 ° C. Honor Magic Book It’s expected that the sharp dragon version will perform better. Therefore, we do not have to worry about the cooling of the notebook in use, and the performance will be very stable.

As for the hardware test part of the new Honor magic book notebook, we will introduce it here. Through a simple comparison, we can see that the performance of the two machines is quite perfect, while the Honor magic book Because of the advantages of the body size, the Ruilong version also has a little improvement in performance, so if you pay more attention to such changes, and are not picky about mobile portability, a larger size product is obviously worth having.

Perhaps it is the traditional thinking that has not changed for many years. The innovation mode has been added to the Honor magic book notebook since it was launched, which makes the notebook have different use experience. From the original magic link to the present multi screen collaboration, we can see that Honor notebook is constantly innovating and even becoming the leader of intelligent interconnection.

Three, multi screen collaboration, but also on PC brush friends circle, tiktok

In terms of multi screen collaboration, it can be said that Honor magicbook has achieved the ultimate goal. It can quickly establish a connection between a mobile phone and a PC, and can realize the mutual transmission and sharing of documents, pictures, and even the clipboard. Compared with the traditional cable connection, it is more convenient, fast and efficient, and can be called the black technology of pen notebook intelligent evolution.

Not only that, through the smart Internet, you can synchronize the mobile phone screen on the PC, so that when you use the PC to work, you can operate the application in the phone on the PC, instead of being distracted to operate the mobile phone. For example, checking friends circle, tiktok, and sending files to friends when chatting in WeChat can be completed on PC.

4. Application experience

Through the introduction of appearance, performance and intelligent interconnection, I believe that you have planted grass. Simple comparison and subtle differences also provide us with more choices. If you often travel on business or take it with you when commuting from work to work, it is recommended that you choose Honor magicbook The sharp dragon version, after all, has a smaller fuselage and better portability. Moreover, the screen supports 180 ° tile mode. It can unlock more postures when sitting on the ground outdoors or sharing documents with people in the office. It is simply too convenient and a perfect choice for business people.

If you want to have a higher pursuit of visual effects in web browsing, office applications, video entertainment and other aspects, the Honor Magic Book 15 Ruilong version is obviously a better choice. After all, the design of larger screen and narrow border not only displays more content, but also provides more immersive and shocking excellent pictures, which is definitely the gospel of student party and drama lovers.

V. evaluation summary

With the tiktok 4000 processor’s Honor MagicBook new product, exquisite and fashionable design, especially the diamond cut blue waist line, is the most exciting place for me. The most commendable one is the multi screen collaboration. It keeps me from distracting from office. The key is to play mobile phone on PC, brush circles and watch the sound of 7Nm, and the boss will never find it. It can be called an artifact.

In terms of performance, the sharp dragon 4000 series processor can fully meet the daily office work, as well as the processing of graphics, images, video editing, and even has good performance in the game. It can be said that the new Honor magic book has never let me down.

Honor Magic Book The 14 / 15 Ruilong version can be said to be two very mature products with core competitive advantages, especially in the power key integrated fingerprint identification, strong performance, ultra long endurance, magic link black technology and other aspects, we can see the Honor, not only apply part of the experience on the mobile phone to the notebook, but also add our own thinking about notebook products, which makes the use of the Honor magic book The user experience is even better than the products of traditional notebook manufacturers. It has excellent performance in dealing with severe office scenes or as a productivity tool for design creativity. It is very suitable for young white-collar workers and students.

Finally, we are most concerned about the price. The new products of the Honor magic book series are on sale today. The 14 inch and 15 inch versions will be sold at 0:00 on July 22 and the pro version at 0:00 on July 30 in Huawei mall. Jingdong, tmall, Honor personal selection and Honor experience stores will be sold for the first time!

Honor magic book 14 Ruilong Edition: R5 version 3999 yuan (USD $571) , the first sale price on July 22 3799 yuan (USD $3) ; R7 version 4499 yuan (USD $643) , the first sale on July 22 preferential price of 4299 yuan (USD $614) .

Honor Magic Book 15, Ruilong Edition: RMB 4199 for R5 version and 4699 RMB for R7 version.

Ruilong edition of Honor magicbook Pro: R5 version is 4699 yuan (USD $671) , the first sale price is 4499 yuan (USD $643) on July 30; R7 version is 5199 yuan (USD $743) , the first sale price on July 30 is 4999 yuan (USD $714) .