This is the real explosion of Xiaomi, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be released soon

Xiaomi’s tens of millions of explosive sales are about to usher in an update.

It is not a mobile phone or a TV, but a Xiaomi Mi Band called a national product.

How hot is it?

The second day of the official announcement of Xiaomi Mi Band 5, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 also won the sales and sales champions of multiple e-commerce platforms.

Since its debut in 2014, Xiaomi Mi Band has launched four generations of products so far, and its series sales have exceeded 62 million.

On the afternoon of June 11, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will be released online. What surprises will Xiaomi bring us this time?

First, the screen is bigger

The main body of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has basically not changed, it is still round, but the screen continues to upgrade.

Compared to the fourth-generation 0.95 inches, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is equipped with a 1.1-inch larger screen. Judging from the renderings, the content displayed by the new product is obviously more, and the two circles + time and date + status icon are taken on one screen.

What if the big screen is not used properly?

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will support more than 100 theme dials, the important thing is that it contains many well-known IPs, Luo Xiaohei, Detective Conan, Hatsune Miku, EVA, SpongeBob, etc., the childhoods of several generations are basically installed in it. Too.

Even more importantly, these dials can still move, SpongeBob SquarePants sells to you, and the macho can’t stand it…

In terms of color matching, seven colors of green, orange, yellow, black, blue, pink and brown are currently known. But with the addition of new IP, it is not excluded that Xiaomi will launch a customized version for this purpose.

Magnetic charging is finally here

Although the battery life of Xiaomi Mi Band is very long, the fact that it is really inconvenient to disassemble and assemble the strap. Moreover, frequent disassembly and assembly may also cause the wrist strap to become loose. Many users wear it and find that there is only a wristband left in their hands, which is why.

However, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 finally realized the importance of this problem and added magnetic charging. Simply place a fingernail-sized charger on the back of the Band and it will automatically adsorb.

This convenience, needless to say? You can charge it with your eyes closed.

Sports and health

Sports and health monitoring has always been a top priority for wrist devices, and Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will also upgrade its sensors.

In terms of motion monitoring, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 upgrades the previous 6 sport modes to 11 and the waterproof performance is still 50 meters.

In addition, there will be a “gym” link at tomorrow’s press conference, which shows the importance of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 on sports monitoring.

In terms of health monitoring, the improvement of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is more obvious.

The night sleep monitoring of the previous generation has been upgraded to 24-hour sleep monitoring, which can also detect the rapid eye movement sleep period and sporadic naps.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 will also add health monitoring functions such as blood oxygen saturation, pressure testing, respiratory training, PAI vitality index, and women’s health. Of course, 24-hour heart rate monitoring will not be absent.

Still divided into ordinary version and NFC version

Like the previous generation products, Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is still divided into ordinary version and NFC version. The features listed above are features common to both versions. So what are the differences in the NFC version?

With NFC, we can implement bus card and access control card functions. However, compared to the NFC on the mobile phone, the past few generations of Xiaomi Mi Bands lacked a feature-UnionPay QuickPass, but the upcoming Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been added. After adding the card, close the Band to the POS machine to pay.

In addition, the NFC version will also add Xiaoai’s classmate voice assistant, which can not only reach the specified function in one sentence, but also query encyclopedia, weather and other information, and even control smart home.

As of now, the highlights of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 are almost all announced, and even the official upgrade and comparison are ready for everyone. Tomorrow’s press conference is to wait for a price.

The reason why Xiaomi Mi Band is so popular is inseparable from the price of Zhenxiang. This afternoon, a digital blogger said that the customer service page of accidentally exposed the price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5: 189 yuan (USD $27) , 20 yuan more expensive than the previous generation.

However, considering that this generation of millet Band upgrades are relatively large, price increases are inevitable.

Of course, “convincing executives overnight” can still look forward to it.