This is the "Ship New" gameplay you have never seen! Take the Android 11 speed application tutorial

March 22 news. Since the Android Developer Preview was officially released last month, Android developers have discovered a feature called "Columbus" in the new version. After using this feature, users can double-click the new gesture on the back of the phone. To activate some applications in your phone, such as voice assistant, camera, etc.

Recently, Android 11 has launched a second preview version. Android developers have found that Columbus is also available in this version. At present, Google is testing some features and added new features for double-tap gestures.

New features include: when using double-tap gestures, you can take screenshots, turn off timers and alarms, play or pause music, mute incoming calls / messages, collapse status bar, start custom actions, and enter multitasking interfaces. Other applications are still being explored.

The use of this gesture function does not require the support of a dedicated sensor, and according to foreign media reports, this operation gesture is controlled by the accelerometer and gyroscope inside the mobile phone. According to user feedback, the current experience It is more sensitive, and may be more suitable for users to use after adjustment. This function will be improved in the future.

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