This is the true full screen you expect, but the NEX 3S is more than just stunning

On March 10th, vivo brought us the vivo NEX 3S 5G flagship mobile phone through an online conference. This is the first 5G mobile phone launched by vivo this year, not only equipped with the flagship standard Snapdragon 865 5G mobile platform. At the same time, it also has a more dazzling performance in the design.

In 2020, the flagship machine generally adopts the digging screen design, the NEX 3S has retained the lifting structure and the true full-screen design. It is impossible to judge whether this is outdated or advanced, but the visual impact brought by it is undoubted. In appearance, the NEX 3S is equipped with a 6.89-inch flexible waterfall screen. The curvature of the two sides of the screen is close to 90 °, reaching an ultra-high screen ratio of 99.6%, and almost no border can be seen in the front viewing angle. E3 grade material panel, 100% coverage of P3 wide color gamut, the highest local excitation brightness can reach 800nit, which makes this screen have very bright and vivid color performance.

The back of the fuselage continues the previous-generation circular Oreo design, retaining the two color combinations of liquid Tianhe and deep space streamer, and also adding a new color matching — succinol, to bring the appearance of the fuselage to a higher level. The camera adopts a 6400W pixel main camera + 13 million pixels super wide angle + 13 million pixel portrait triple camera combination, which supports 120 ° ultra wide angle shooting, 2x optical zoom, 20x digital zoom, and 2.5cm super macro. The coverage of different focal lengths can meet your shooting needs in various scenes.

In terms of hardware configuration, the vivo NEX 3S is equipped with a Snapdragon 865 processor, and the entire system is equipped with UFS 3.1 flash memory and LPDDR5 memory as standard. The body also uses zero-inductive soaking plate cooling technology, and the game performance is faster, smoother and more stable. NEX 3S also supports SA / NSA dual-mode 5G networks and the new generation of WiFi-6 technology. It can intelligently switch the 5G frequency band and make the 5G Internet experience more stable and smooth.

In terms of battery life, the NEX 3S has a built-in 4500mAh large-capacity battery, which supports C-DRX intelligent power-saving technology and has outstanding battery life. At the same time, it supports 44W ultra-fast flash charging, which can quickly provide sufficient power support for mobile phones, without having to worry about mobile phone battery life.

Regardless of appearance, performance and battery life, the vivo NEX 3S maintains a balanced and outstanding performance, and this year, it is generally adopted the digging screen, still adhere to the design of the full screen and waterfall screen, also provides users with Another choice of direction. In terms of price, 8 + 256GB and 12 + 256GB are 4998 yuan (USD $714) and 5298 yuan (USD $757) , respectively. For users who like to play large games, choosing the 12 + 256GB version will be more fragrant. At present, the purchase of the machine can enjoy 12 interest-free and 14-fold coupons. The average daily price of 13.9 yuan (USD $2) can take away the NEX 3S with such amazing value, and the purchase is easy and free of burden.