This time, the iPhone 12 is really fragrant. Apple's press conference interpretation

At one o'clock in the morning on October 14, Apple held an online press conference as scheduled, and at this press conference, Apple launched a new HomePod mini and four iPhone 12 series mobile phones.

What will be released?

First is the HomePod mini, which is defined by Apple as the ultimate home smart speaker. Apple defines it as an integrated device that can achieve beautiful sound quality, intelligent assistant and smart home control center.

The HomePod mini uses the S5 processor that Apple previously used on the Apple Watch, and is equipped with a full-frequency drive unit. Apple's unique design and excellent algorithm enable it to achieve 360-degree surround output, and Form an array with other HomePod minis.

Later this year, the U1 over-bandwidth chip previously released in the iPhone11 series finally became useful. After the function is updated, the HomePod mini can continue streaming media playback when the iPhone is close to and pointing to the HomePod mini, and a series of feedbacks can be obtained.

The domestic price of HomePod mini is 749 yuan (USD $107) , with two colors of space gray and white available.

After the HomePod mini, Apple released its brand new iPhone 12 series mobile phones. The first is the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, their appearance returns to the straight-edge design similar to the iPhone 4, using the combination of Apple's new glass panel material called super ceramic crystal and aluminum alloy frame, with black, white, blue, green, and red There are five colors in total.

According to Apple's official introduction, the iPhone 12 is lighter, thinner and smaller than the previous generation. The iPhone 12mini is the smallest and thinnest 5G mobile phone in the world.

A 6.1-inch OLED screen is used on the iPhone 12, and a 5.4-inch OLED screen is used on the iPhone 12mini. And because of the full-screen design, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12mini is smaller than the 4.7-inch phone introduced by Apple.

The screen resolution of iPhone12 is 2 times higher than that of iPhone11.

In terms of performance, both use the A14 processor, which integrates 11.8 billion transistors, and the CPU uses a more powerful new six-core design, which improves performance by 40% compared with the A12 bionic chip.

In the camera system, a brand-new dual-camera system is used. The main camera has a large aperture of F1.6, the pixel is 1200W, and the effective light input has been increased by 27% to achieve better camera effects. On the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini, there is a further upgraded smart HDR 3, which can recognize images more effectively through machine learning and improve the quality of image imaging.

Both of these two phones support 5G and expanded support for MagSafe, as well as a better wireless charging experience.

In the end, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini have no difference in other functions except for the difference in screen size. The domestic price of iPhone12mini starts at 5299 yuan (USD $757) (64GB), and iPhone12 starts at 6299 yuan (USD $900) (64GB). These two models offer 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB options.

After the release of these two models, Apple released the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 ProMax. In terms of appearance, these two models are compared with the iPhone 12 and 12mini mentioned above. The middle frame is upgraded from aluminum alloy to stainless steel. In terms of size, the iPhone 12Pro is 6.1 inches, while the iPhone 12ProMax is 6.7 inches.

The most eye-catching aspect of these two models is their camera system. The iPhone 12Pro is equipped with an ultra-wide-angle lens with a focal length of 13 mm to a portrait lens with a focal length of 52 mm. A total of three cameras form a four-fold optical zoom.

The iPhone 12Pro Max uses a 5x optical zoom from a 13mm focal length ultra-wide-angle lens to a 65mm focal length portrait lens.

And what is surprising is that Apple actually uses the sensor movement technology that only high-end cameras can use on the iPhone 12ProMax. The sensor itself is moved for anti-shake instead of the lens. According to Apple’s official statement, the iPhone The improvement of 12Pro Max can increase the light input of low light by 87%. And the sensor of iPhone 12ProMax also increased the effective area by 47%, reaching a pixel size of 1.7 microns.

On the iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax, Apple has created a new Apple ProRAW format for it. According to Apple, this format can effectively retain color information, obtain better imaging results, and can be processed quickly by the iPhone. Apple will also open up this API for use by third-party applications. This is a blessing for users who use iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax.

In addition to this, the iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax also added a LiDAR sensor. According to Apple's official statement, it can scan surrounding objects and assist in better focusing during night shooting, with a maximum speed increase of nearly 6 times.

The most surprising thing is that these two phones can actually shoot Dolby Vision HDR 60 frames of video. You must know that many high-end cameras or professional-grade equipment at this stage cannot support Dolby Vision HDR video shooting. . Apple did it with a mobile phone, which is really shocking.

The iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax also support the features of the iPhone 12, such as the A14 processor, 5G support and so on. The two phones have four color schemes: black, blue, white and gold. In China, the iPhone 12 Pro starts at 8,499 yuan (USD $1214) (128GB), and the iPhone 12ProMax starts at 9,299 yuan (USD $1328) (128GB). The configuration has 128GB/256GB/512GB options. selected.

Why is it so fragrant?

First of all, the four models of the iPhone 12 generation have added support for 5G, and the entire series uses OLED screens, especially on the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, making it the world's thinnest 5G mobile phone. It provides new options for many users and makes up for the previous iPhone not supporting 5G.

Secondly, all iPhone 12 models this time have added support for Beidou navigation. By consulting Apple’s official website, all iPhone 12 models this time support China’s Beidou system, which means that for domestic users, Use more precise services to better enhance user experience.

Moreover, all iPhone 121 series have further upgraded the camera system, especially the iPhone 12ProMax, which uses a brand-new anti-shake technology, which brings better results through a mobile sensor instead of a mobile camera. The most important thing is that iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12ProMax support Apple’s new Apple ProRAW, which can better record color information and make better creations.

Supporting the shooting of Dolby Vision HDR video can be said to be the brainchild of this conference. Apple has demonstrated its technical skills to the outside world through its hard power, using a mobile phone to complete many operations that cannot be done by cameras. Perhaps it is also a means to effectively counteract the market's "bad" camera aspect. But in any case, the realization of this feature on mobile phones is indeed very shocking. It also opens up another possibility for us to create. And provide access to Apple’s official website news. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12mini also support Dolby Vision HDR shooting, but the frame rate can only reach 30 frames, while Pro and ProMax models can reach 60 frames of Dolby Vision HDR video shooting.


The four models of this generation have canceled the bonus of the charging head and earphones, and all of them are equipped with only a USB-C to lightning cable. If users need charging heads and earphones, they need to buy them.

In addition, all models do not have high-refresh screens, which is a big disadvantage in the face of the 120Hz refresh rate screens of many flagship Android phones today.

Summary: very good value

Today’s press conference, although a lot of news is almost the same as the news broke, but the final release brought us another unparalleled wonderful experience, especially it complements the support for 5G and Beidou. It brings the world's smallest, thinnest, most powerful 5G mobile phone-iPhone 12mini. And the camera function of the whole series has undergone a series of upgrades, and the HDR video of Dolby Vision, which many professional cameras can not shoot, is made on the mobile phone, which is not helpful and extremely shocking. Although there are no more charging heads and earphones, there is no screen with high refresh rate. But overall, the flaws are not concealed, and this generation of iPhon is still really fragrant.