Thousand Yuan machine 65W flash charging! Realme Q2 Pro hands-on experience

Recently, realme released the realme Q2 series of mobile phones. The author also received a late "moon cake box". When I opened it, it turned out to be a realme X QQ Speed mobile game realme Q2 series limited gift box, which contained a brand new plain leather version. Q2 Pro mobile phone, this is also the first time that realme has launched a plain-skinned version, named light tide gray.

Realme Q2 Pro is divided into two versions, 8GB+128GB and 8GB+256GB. The pre-sale price is 1599 yuan (USD $228) and 1799 yuan (USD $257) respectively. If you interview a passerby, he might think that the thousand-yuan phone is at most a large-screen feature phone for making a phone call, but the thousand-yuan Q2 Pro has 65W flash charging, eight-core Tianji 800, Super AMOLED full screen and 48 million pixels. Four wide-angle shots.

realme X QQ Speed Mobile Game Realme Q2 series limited gift box

The gift box style is like a wheel, and the interior is divided into two layers. The upper layer is the phone body and the "fuel gun", the lower layer is the QQ Speed mobile phone case that comes with the gift box, and there is also a new hand scooter from the QQ Speed mobile game. .

Of course, the 65W flash charging head and USB-C charging cable cannot be missing in the accessories of the gift box. A certain brand of mobile phone does not even include the charging head, and the high judgment is set.

The accessory fuel gun accessory is actually a card pin, which can indeed be pierced into the mobile phone. It is very creative and has practical uses while being decorated.

The realme Q2 Pro uses a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED full screen with a screen-to-body ratio of 90.8% and a thicker bottom edge, which is what we often say has a chin, but the price of 1599 can buy such a high configuration, whether there is a chin It's not that important anymore.

On the back of the realme Q2 Pro light gray plain leather version, the quad-camera occupies a small area. The realme LOGO in the lower left corner is bright and metallic, and the slogan DARE TO LEAP is on the right. Slightly inset, not obvious, but bumpy to the touch.

This is Realme's first Vegan Leather phone with a plain leather back cover. The English translation of this string is vegetarian leather, which means that it is not animal leather. It is not sold or killed. It is a new type of environmentally friendly material. Plain leather is also used in car seat leather. The hand and texture of some well-made microfiber imitation leather will be more "real" than real leather, while realme's plain leather has a very good texture.

The rear lens of the realme Q2 Pro mobile phone is 48 million pixels wide-angle four-camera, and the front camera is 16 million pixels. It was hard to imagine that a thousand yuan machine could have such a high pixel before.

Realme Q2 Pro has a body weight of only 175g, which is very thin and light, but the fingerprints under the screen have not fallen. Compared with the previous, the fingerprint response and recognition accuracy of the Q2 Pro's screen have been improved.

Now that you get started, let's run a few points and see what kind of score the high-end thousand yuan machine can get.

AnTuTu scored 340,000 points, which is a good score as a thousand yuan machine.

3DMark can be said to be the benchmark for GPU testing. Whether you can play games smoothly, you can see its score. Sling Shot Extreme OpenGL ES 3.1 scores 3145. It is easy to play mobile games such as "Peace Elite" and "QQ Speed". .

The number of frames in the QQ Speed mobile game is very stable throughout, with an average frame of 60.2 frames. The smoothness of the game is more important than other fancy features.

After playing the QQ Speed mobile game for 20 minutes, the battery has only lost 5%. The large 4300mAh battery of Q2 Pro is reassuring, and there is no anxiety about battery life. The standard 65W flash charge is even more fearless. The measured charge is from 0. It only took 33 minutes to reach 100% full power.

The realme Q2 Pro and its QQ Speed limited gift box are full of sincerity. Such a high-end thousand-yuan mobile phone can only be described with conscience. Only realme is the only mobile phone that supports 65W flash charging at the thousand-yuan price, and the performance of Tianji 800 is also better. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G of the same price mobile phone is slightly stronger, and realme has indeed been setting a milestone on the road of DARE TO LEAP. It is said that details determine success or failure. Realme Q2 Pro has noticed almost every detail from hardware to appearance materials, which is simply a boon for users with a budget of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) .