Three major spokespersons help, vivo S9 officially announced on March 3

Today, vivo’s official Weibo has successively released three spokesperson videos, officially announcing that the new S series, the vivo S9 series, will be released on March 3.

In general, mobile phone manufacturers like to officially announce new phones during the time when everyone’s Weibo frequency is high, in order to obtain better publicity. But the vivo S9 series is rarely announced in the early morning, so don’t have any deep meaning.

According to NeochaEDGE, the release time of the three promotional videos coincides with the birthdays of the three major spokespersons. Lisa’s birthday is March 27th, and the video release time is 3:27. Similarly, Cai Xukun’s August 2 corresponds to 8:02, and Liu Haoran’s October 10 corresponds to 10:10. Vivo’s hard work has won praise from fans. There is reason to believe that the product strength of the vivo S9 series will not let us down.

Selfie has always been a highlight of the vivo S series. Judging from the promotional slogan “Light up my beauty” and Weibo Xiaowei’s “Ultra Night Soft Light Selfie”, the focus of the vivo S9 series is still on selfies. However, compared to the previous generation, the vivo S9 series is more powerful in night scenes and low-light selfies, allowing users to shoot the same clear picture in different light conditions.

The promotional video shows that there will be many surprises in the design of the vivo S9. The front will be designed with a narrow bezel, and the chin width will perform well in the same positioning model. On the side, vivo S9 will use a new right-angle frame design, the body is very slim.

There is still more than a week before the press conference on March 3, and there is not much news about the aircraft. But I believe that in the warm-up in the next few days, vivo and the three spokespersons will show us more highlights and details of the vivo S9 series. Let’s look forward to it.