Tianyi Cloud builds inclusive AI, allowing AI to land in thousands of industries

In 2020, in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, artificial intelligence technologies such as AI temperature measurement, AI image reading, AI express car… etc. have played an important role in the critical time of fighting the epidemic. More and more applications of AI technology tell us that AI's change to the world is happening around everyone.

On October 14, the 29th China International Information and Communication Exhibition opened in Beijing. Li Aimin, general manager of the R&D Department of China Telecom Cloud Computing Branch, attended the conference and delivered a speech entitled "Inclusive AI, Smarter the Future". Li Aimin mentioned that the digital transformation of various industries has entered a new era, and AI, as the core basic capability of digital infrastructure, will definitely play an important role. As a leading cloud service provider in China, Tianyi Cloud strives to build inclusive AI capabilities, hoping that AI can empower thousands of industries like cloud computing infrastructure.


The development of AI has a ubiquitous trend, which places higher demands on AI service vendors. China Telecom will once again increase its investment in 5G+cloud+AI in 2020 to build an ABC integrated capability system. As a cloud computing brand of China Telecom, Tianyi Cloud adheres to its resource advantages and integrates big data, AI capabilities and underlying IaaS resources and has integrated capabilities to provide customers with integrated basic capabilities and services. Tianyi Cloud’s big data and AI full-stack technologies are all based on self-research, especially the foundation of AI-the big data PaaS platform. The advantages of independent research and development can save more costs for Tianyi Cloud on the one hand, and on the other hand. Compatibility is even better when multi-cloud deployment is based on customer needs.

Tianyi Cloud's ABC integrated cloud intelligence strategy

Tianyi Cloud's AI capability is developed based on the big data PaaS platform, and has three major characteristics of thickness, depth and breadth. Among them, the big data PaaS platform has achieved technological breakthroughs from the traditional CDH version to the fully open source version through self-developed technology.

In terms of thickness, the "Tianyi Cloud" AI capability open platform comprehensively integrates the full-stack AI capabilities and the capabilities of each link. The capabilities of each link are fully opened according to the needs of customers. Ordinary users only need to enter the Tianyi Cloud portal to find them. The required algorithms, AI services, solutions and other capabilities can be quickly developed for modeling and applications.

In terms of breadth, relying on China Telecom’s rich network resources, Tianyi Cloud has built a "2+4+31+X" cloud-network integration resource layout. There are nearly 700 IDC nodes and more than 3000 edge computer room nodes nationwide. The only "one province, one pool" cloud service provider, with the help of cloud, edge and end interconnection and network resource advantages, quickly reach customers, serve all walks of life, and truly realize the universalization of AI.

In terms of depth, when Tianyi Cloud builds an AI platform, in addition to considering the three major elements of computing power, algorithms, and data, it also adds considerations to the business, pain points, and scenarios of various industries. Tianyi Cloud AI combines scenarios to deeply cultivate the industry and rely on Scene data collection, modeling, iterative optimization, and technical and business personnel are merged.

Multiple industries and multiple cases, Tianyi Cloud builds an AI ecosystem

Tianyi Cloud integrates with scenarios, goes deep into the industry, accumulates algorithm capabilities, empowers industry solutions, and continues to innovate. Through the "ABC + scenario" to achieve "cloud network digital intelligence integration", based on self-developed full-stack technology capabilities, to achieve low-risk, low threshold, high stability, high availability industry empowerment. At present, Tianyi Cloud has accumulated some solutions in industries such as industry, agriculture, medical care, education, community, and public safety.

In terms of smart industry, Tianyi Cloud AI provides a “cloud smart collaboration” mechanism for real-time detection and triggering of timely alarms and shutdowns. An automobile manufacturer uses this mechanism to liberate a large amount of manpower that needs to perform repetitive low-value tasks, while improving the accuracy and real-time of alarms. In order to reduce product costs through timely stop loss.

In terms of smart agriculture, Tianyi Cloud uses 5G+AI to accurately identify pests and diseases. Based on 5G large bandwidth, real-time collection and return of high-definition image data of rice fields in the entire scene, and then intelligent analysis of unlimited and massive video pictures through AI, breaking the original limit of 600 photos taken manually, and through algorithm enhancement and massive training. Effectively improve the identification accuracy of pests and diseases and the efficiency of rice prevention and control, and liberate farm management personnel

In terms of school-enterprise cooperation, Tianyi Cloud can provide machine learning platforms and cloud-based services to schools, as well as scientific research tools and practice platforms, and even desensitized sample data to create an efficient environment for scientific research and innovation for teachers and students.

Focusing on smart life, the diverse forms of participating roles in the ecological construction process of the 5G era are unprecedented, the ecological core is intertwined vertically and horizontally, and the scene construction is intricate. Tianyi Cloud hopes to work with its partners with an open mind, at the product level, capability level, algorithm, channel, Carry out all-round cooperation on data. On the one hand, Tianyi Cloud is good at integration. Tianyi Cloud is the closest cloud to customers, and it can work with industry partners to meet the integration needs of users. On the other hand, Tianyi Cloud is willing to be integrated. Tianyi Cloud is an open platform that brings together self-research and partner capabilities. Tianyi Cloud Platform will also help partners serve users together and truly realize AI everywhere.