Tide Travel: Suspend Beijing's internal carpooling business

News from January 13th: According to the Beijing Daily report, yesterday, Dida Travel announced the suspension of the 1+1 carpooling business in Beijing. At the same time, passengers who take the Dida Shunfeng need to use the health treasure to scan the code to register and wear a mask.

Also yesterday, Didi Chuxing also said that starting from that day in Beijing, the functions of vegetable carpooling, remote preferential carpooling and carpooling will be suspended. If the user has purchased the Green Vegetable Carpool Changpin Card, the validity period will be extended.

Earlier yesterday, the Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued the "Regulations for the Management of Epidemic Prevention and Control in the Online Car-hailing Taxi Industry", stating that the space for online car-hailing taxis is confined and narrow, and the driver and passengers are close to each other during operation, which can easily trigger the new crown. The epidemic spread. During the epidemic, the number of passengers carried by online taxi-hailing taxis was appropriately controlled; carpooling services were suspended; and the communication between drivers and passengers was reduced.

In addition, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation also issued the “Notice on Further Regulating and Strengthening the Prevention and Control of the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic in the Taxi Industry”, stating that cruise taxi companies and online car-hailing platform companies must establish a sound prevention and control responsibility system and management System, equipped with masks, disinfectant and other necessary protective items and facilities, do a good job of driver training and publicity and education, and report abnormalities in time. For online car-hailing platform companies, cruise taxi companies, road passenger transport companies, and passenger terminal operators who have confirmed cases of managers and drivers, in addition to immediate interviews and severe penalties, they must be criticized in the entire industry and exposed publicly. .