To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s opening, Find X2 Pro photographed the night view of the drone light show

Since the reform and opening up, China has undergone earth-shaking changes, especially Shenzhen, known as the “Pengcheng”, has achieved great success. From the small fishing village of that year, it has become a first-tier city alongside Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. . On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Shenzhen’s reform and opening up, many commemorative events were held in the area, and a large number of photographers were attracted to take photos, including OPPO, whose international headquarters is located in Shenzhen.

Image source: @chenfeixing

Unlike photographers who hold DSLRs, OPPO invited photographer @chenfeixing to use the flagship phone Find X2 Pro developed by the company. As OPPO’s flagship product of the year this year, Find X2 Pro is equipped with dual 48 million rear triple cameras, and the 48 million main camera is an IMX689 custom sensor. It supports full-pixel omnidirectional focusing. Can take clear and bright photos. It can be seen from this sample that all the Shenzhen city across the water has been accurately recorded. Not only is the picture bright, but the color reproduction is also in place, the dark details are full, and there is not much noise overall.

Image source: @chenfeixing

The other two lenses of Find X2 Pro are ultra-wide-angle lens and periscope telephoto lens. The former uses last year’s flagship 48MP main camera IMX586, which can achieve 120° ultra-wide-angle shooting, and the latter supports 5x optical zoom. 10x hybrid optical zoom, up to 60x digital zoom. These three lenses can ensure that users can take photos to their satisfaction in any environment.

This shooting effect can be achieved because OPPO has been committed to the technical research and development of image functions. As of the first quarter of this year, OPPO has applied for a total of approximately 5700+ image function patents worldwide, and the number of authorizations has reached 1,600+. From the product point of view, OPPO took the lead in launching the periscope structure in 2017, and this year’s flagship product Find X2 Pro received a DxOMark score of 124.

The powerful imaging capabilities of Find X2 Pro allow ordinary people to shoot professional blockbusters, allowing everyone to participate in the development of the city and record the progress of the city with their mobile phones. So at the beginning of the establishment of the company, OPPO has always focused on the technical research and development of shooting, and through its own technological innovation, the shooting level of Find X2 Pro has reached a new height.

Image source: @chenfeixing

Innovation is the source of progress, whether it is Shenzhen or OPPO, it shows this truth. Both Shenzhen and OPPO have made great progress, but it is important to grasp the future and be able to keep moving forward.

The hottest frontier today is undoubtedly 5G communications, and this year is also a critical moment for the popularization of 5G networks. In the middle of this month, Shenzhen has already built 46,480 5G base stations, and the main areas are all covered by SA networking 5G networks. It can be seen that Shenzhen is deeply aware that by seizing 5G, it will seize the future. As a communications equipment manufacturer, OPPO has not stopped its research on 5G technology. In addition to the high-end flagship Find X2 Pro, OPPO’s 5G patented technology is also a leader among domestic mobile phone manufacturers, and OPPO’s 5G loT ecological network is also in progress. Step up deployment.

In fact, the progress of Shenzhen and OPPO is not only a city and an enterprise, but also the epitome of the entire China. Since the reform and opening up, China has undergone earth-shaking changes. There are more and more various high-tech companies, some of which have reached the international leading level. In addition to OPPO, Huawei, DJI, Changxin, etc. have all made their name at home and abroad. Facing the new era, I also hope that these manufacturers can work harder to bring more high-quality products like Find X2 Pro.