To make entertainment more pure, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 pre-sale opens

On October 16, Samsung Electronics launched the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, a thousand-yuan flat panel product, and has started pre-sale in China. As Samsung’s new thousand-yuan masterpiece, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has excellent audio and video capabilities, strong battery life, and an excellent Galaxy ecosystem. It aims to bring consumers pure entertainment enjoyment and revolutionize the user experience of thousand-yuan tablet products. .

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 WLAN version starts at 1499 yuan (USD $214) , and the LTE version starts at 1899 yuan (USD $271) . There are three colors of reverie gray, streamer gold, and engraved silver for users to choose from. During the appointment, users will also have the opportunity to receive a designated Samsung 128G MicroSD memory card.

Outstanding audio and video performance

Everyone knows that the screen is the foundation of the tablet user experience. This time, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is equipped with a large 10.4-inch screen with a four-sided symmetrical narrow bezel design, which not only solves the visual pain points of users with obsessive-compulsive disorder, but also provides consumers with excellent visual enjoyment with a large screen and delicate screen display. . On this basis, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 also has four-channel Dolby Atmos sound effects, which can bring rich surround sound effects when users chase dramas or games, and feel the audio-visual enjoyment like a theater.

Simple and sophisticated design

In the thousands of yuan tablet market where plastic materials are rampant, Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 sincerely uses a metal body, giving the product a delicate metal texture and good heat dissipation. And, with the three body colors of reverie gray, streamer gold and engraved silver, the product also exudes an irresistible fashion charm. It is worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 has a body thickness of only 7mm and a product weight of only 476g (the LTE version is 477g), which is very suitable for teenagers and girls, even if it is picked up with one hand, there is no pressure.

Stunning battery life

Battery life is also a highlight on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7. You know, the body thickness of the Galaxy Tab A7 is only 7mm, but with its excellent industrial design capabilities, Samsung has equipped this product with a large capacity battery of 7,040mAh. Coupled with the excellent power consumption control of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 622 eight-core processor, users can enjoy a longer battery life. Not only that, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 also supports 15W fast charging technology, which has strong battery life and can quickly replenish power, which fundamentally solves users’ battery life anxiety.

Comprehensive user experience

On the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, Samsung also brings many useful and interesting features. For example, Samsung Children’s Home can provide children with a safe and fun learning and play space to help children learn and grow better. Parents can control their children’s application management and use time, so that children can start exploring the digital world in a safe way. ; Automatic hotspot, when using the same Samsung account, users can connect to the hotspot with one click without tedious connection settings; quick sharing, file sharing with nearby Galaxy devices, and easy sharing of photos, videos and notes with family members; dark Mode, suitable for browsing the screen at night, not only can reduce eye fatigue, but also help save power; Samsung Knox security system, powerful security protection mechanism, effectively protect users' private data from malicious software and malicious attacks.

In general, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 satisfies people's expectations for thousand-yuan tablet products, and at the same time it has established a new product model for the thousand-yuan tablet market. It is believed that through this product, Samsung will further consolidate its position in this market and will continue to lead the advancement of the thousand-yuan tablet market. So if you are interested in Samsung Galaxy Tab A7, make an appointment now to place an order!