To make it easier to work from home, Apple allows employees to bring engineering machines home

According to a report on March 31, according to Bloomberg, Apple's global employees are now working from home and are familiar with this office model, so Apple's upcoming new products are still being planned.

Macrumors said that in order to allow employees to work from home without affecting work schedules, Apple allowed employees to take home devices under development. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for Apple, because Apple's security measures are extremely strict, and normally it will not allow the device under development to be taken out of Apple.

But even if the product can be taken home, it will not completely solve the problems brought by home office, so Apple headquarters in the United States still allows necessary personnel to enter the company. However, in other severely affected areas, work at the company is still not allowed.

In addition to taking home devices under development, Apple also allows employees to take home devices with new systems, such as the upcoming release of iOS 14 and Mac OS.

Even if Apple's research and development can proceed normally, production will still be greatly affected. Many suppliers who supply parts for the iPhone say they cannot deliver or mass produce on time because of insufficient capacity. This is why Apple can guarantee that new products will be released as planned, but sales may be delayed.