To start a three gigabit smart life together, Xiaomi and China Unicom jointly released the Xiaomi router CR6606

On November 10th, Xiaomi and China Unicom jointly released a new product Wi-Fi6 router-Xiaomi router CR6606 suitable for home gigabit bandwidth and Wi-Fi6 network. At the new product launch site, Xiaomi Group partner and China President Lu Weibing, China Unicom Deputy General Manager Fan Yunjun, China Unicom Product Center General Manager Zhang Yunyong and other high-level representatives attended the product launch event and delivered speeches. With the advancement of China Unicom Group’s “Three Gigabit” strategy, the continuous upgrade and enrichment of bandwidth and network resources also pose higher challenges for routers. As the world’s leading consumer-grade smart hardware AIoT platform, the Xiaomi IoT platform has more than 271 million connected IoT devices; more than 5.1 million users have more than 5 IoT devices, and the Xiaomi router family devices provide network services for more than 200 million devices every day. Process more than tens of billions of network requests. As the central device of the collaborative interaction function between smart devices, the Xiaomi router has also become the standard configuration of AIoT smart life at home.

Lu Weibing, partner of Xiaomi Group and president of China, said that the Wi-Fi 6 router CR6606 jointly released today with China Unicom is one of the key products of the strategic cooperation between Xiaomi and China Unicom in 2021. It will help China Unicom’s smart home business China Unicom’s network connects thousands of households and provides people with a better online experience. Fan Yunjun, deputy general manager of China Unicom Group, said in his speech that users can use Gigabit 5G when they go out and use Gigabit broadband & Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 when they go home, so as to achieve a super cool experience of arbitrary use of Gigabit networks. Innovate and walk with wisdom, China Unicom and Xiaomi will jointly open up a three-gigabit smart life for users.

Fan Yunjun, Deputy General Manager of China Unicom Group

The Xiaomi router CR6606 has a dual-core processor with a top and bottom ventilation design. The heat sink covering the entire motherboard ensures good heat dissipation and stable operation of the router. 4 high-gain omnidirectional antennas ensure excellent network coverage. Xiaomi router CR6606 adopts a new generation of Wi-Fi6 technology and has a speed of 1800M (AX1800). Compared with the 1200M (AC1200) speed used by mainstream Wi-Fi5 routers, the speed is increased by about 50%. The advantages of the Xiaomi router CR660 using Wi-Fi6 technology are not limited to faster network speeds. Wi-Fi6 network technology uniquely supports OFDMA technology, which can transmit multiple devices at a time, greatly reducing delay, and many people at home can enjoy high-definition video or Multiplayer online games will not be stuck. At the same time, the Xiaomi router CR6606 supports the Mesh function, and multiple routers can form a high-coverage high-speed Wi-Fi6 network with one key, so that there is no dead angle in the signal of the whole house.

Thanks to the smart interconnection advantages of Xiaomi’s AIoT devices, the Xiaomi router CR6606 supports Xiaomi’s smooth connection function. When configuring the network for a newly purchased smart device, with the Mijia App, you only need to move the smart device close to the router, the phone can automatically discover the new device, automatically pop up the window to display the configuration button, and configure the network with one key without manually entering the account password. In conjunction with China Unicom’s Wisdom Wojia APP, you can also set up a blacklist and set up a guest network, so you can enjoy the high-speed bandwidth brought by operators with peace of mind. In terms of home entertainment, the Xiaomi router CR6606 has a built-in Tencent game acceleration engine, which supports many mainstream domestic and overseas games, covering all platforms of mobile phones, PCs, and consoles. Say goodbye to the high latency and login timeouts of online games. At the same time, Xiaomi router CR6606 will also give 3 months of game acceleration membership experience for free when the new account is bound. (Mesh function and Changkuai connection function will be supported by subsequent OTA upgrades) Xiaomi router CR6606 is priced at 299 yuan (USD $43) and will be sold in all channels of China Unicom from November 10.

In 2020, Xiaomi Group will upgrade its mobile phone X AIoT strategy. With mobile phones as the center, AIoT smart devices build smart life scenarios around mobile phones. This is in line with China Unicom’s active promotion of gigabit 5G, gigabit bandwidth, gigabit Wi-Fi, and smart Families provide high-speed and stable services that complement each other. As a Wi-Fi 6 router product jointly launched by Xiaomi and China Unicom, the Xiaomi router CR6606 has passed rigorous product tests to meet the daily stable use requirements of China Unicom’s gigabit Wi-Fi users, including power supply stability, structural reliability, and harshness Environmental testing and other projects. This time, Xiaomi and China Unicom jointly released products, deep resonance, and explored the new space for Wi-Fi6 development together, and deep linkage in the field of high-speed gigabit bandwidth Wi-Fi6. The cooperation between the two parties will jointly promote the healthy development of the industry and maximize China The advantages of Unicom’s gigabit bandwidth and the excellent performance and good user reputation of Xiaomi Wi-Fi6 routers will create more value for users and enhance the smart life experience.