Top 10 best smartwatches in 2020: who is more worth buying

2020年最佳智能手表Top 10

Introduction: In the beginning, wearable devices were basically pagers in the 90s, but over time, the development of smart watches has been advancing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, smart watches can do anything, from tracking your steps and playing music, to answering calls on your own and issuing critical alerts for potentially dangerous health issues.

In fact, the boundaries between fitness trackers and smart watches are getting blurred, so determining which wearable device is best for you can be a tricky task. Undeniably, Apple's smart watch is great. However, if you are an Android user, you will be at a loss because Apple Watch is only available for iPhone. In response to this situation, the old editor will summarize the most worthwhile smartwatches in the market for you, as follows:

Apple Watch Series 6 -the best smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 6


Excellent shape design;

Great fitness and health tracking;

A large number of straps to choose from;


The battery life can only last for one day;

Apple Watch 6 is the best smart watch you can buy right now—provided that you have an iPhone, because Apple is still reluctant to let Android users access this excellent wearable device.

Apple Watch 6 does not contain too many new features, but there are still some features that make it stand out. Now, Apple Watch 6 can measure your blood oxygen level, it also has some new finishes, including blue and red. At the same time, Apple Watch 6 is still equipped with powerful sensors for accurate GPS tracking as before, and the altimeter is now always on.

Compared with the predecessor product, the Apple Watch 6 has a brighter display and stronger performance, but the improvement is not very big, it is just a slight improvement.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 -the best smart watch for Android users

三星Galaxy Watch 3


Super dazzling shape design;

Stable fitness and health tracking;

Decent smart watch functions;


Battery life needs to be improved;

For a long time, Apple's Watch OS software is generally considered to be the best wearable system on the market, but it is not suitable for Android phones, which makes most people feel helpless in purchasing wearable devices. Now, things are starting to be different, and Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can be said to be the most suitable smart watch for Android users.

Galaxy Watch 3 is the latest high-end wearable device from Samsung. It is one of the few wearable devices that can challenge Apple Watch in terms of hardware and services.

Galaxy Watch 3 uses a very bright OLED screen, equipped with Samsung's typical round dial shape design, running Samsung's independent research and development of Tizen software. In fact, software is the key selling point of Galaxy Watch 3.

Looking at the current market, Tizen OS is one of the most advanced wearable ecosystems besides Apple Watch OS. Its user interface is more intuitive than the Google Wear platform and supports all the major applications and services you expect. Coupled with a powerful health/fitness tracking service and built-in fall detection function, Galaxy Watch 3 is the best purchase option for most Android phone users.

Apple Watch SE -the best Apple Watch for most people

Apple Watch SE


Super high cost performance;

Rich tracking functions;

Excellent smart watch operating system;

A variety of straps to choose from;


Does not support always-on display;

The battery life can only last for one day;

Apple Watch SE is the mid-range product in Apple's current wearable series. Its positioning lies between the ultra-affordable Watch 3 and the exquisite new Watch 6.

In terms of cost performance, Apple Watch SE is quite satisfactory, so it has become the best choice for most buyers. Highlights of Apple Watch SE include a larger OLED screen than Apple Watch 3, a more powerful S5 chip, and 40 and 44 mm dial options.

At the same time, Apple Watch SE also provides a wealth of functions for middle-level athletes, including GPS, waterproof performance for swimming and an accelerometer that can detect whether you fall suddenly.

Apple Watch SE is pre-installed with Watch OS 7 software, which is currently the best smart watch operating system on the market. Compared with Apple Watch 6, Apple Watch SE lacks some more advanced features, including constant display, ECG reader and SPO2 sensor.