Top experience of 3A masterpiece! Ten generation core i7-10875h game is worth buying

Intel core 10 generation processor has been released for some time, during this period of time, the game books carrying the 10 generation core processor have sprung up in succession. This mechanical revolution has just updated their 10 generation core processor game book, the deep sea Titan x3-s. First of all, let’s take a look at the basic parameters of this game book: i7-10875h, rtx2060, 16GB DDR4 2933hz dual channel, 512gb PCIe solid-state disk, ax201 WiFi 6 network card, 17.3-inch 144hz high-speed screen.

Core i7-10875h has attracted a lot of attention since it was put on sale. It is not only the first 8-core 16 thread processor in the i7-h series, but its single core main frequency is more than 5GHz, which is a real improvement in computing power. We should start with the core points.

CPU: 5GHz era of core i7-10850h

In the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s, through the CPU-Z software, we can see more about the parameters of this CPU.

The power consumption of core i7-10875h is 45W, and the 14nm process is adopted. The three-level buffer is as high as 16MB. In addition, the core i7-10875h has the highest single core frequency of 5.1ghz. The improvement of core number and main frequency can greatly improve the multi task processing ability. According to the CPU-Z benchmark test, the core i7-10875h has a single core score of 533.2 points and a multi-core score of 4991.6 points.

In cinebench R20, we can see that the multi-core performance of CPU is as high as 3846pts, and that of single core is 491pts. Both Cinema 4D and cinebench are developed by Maxon company, among which cinema 4D is widely used in 3D modeling, mapping, assembly, animation and other environments, so the score of cinebench can more accurately feedback the actual application of i7-10875h CPU for users with professional needs.

From the score, it may be difficult to intuitively feel the improvement brought by core i7-10875h. In theory, the design of multi-core + high main frequency can provide more help for multi task processing capacity. For example, game hosts usually need to run a variety of programs in the background. In addition to the games that account for most resources, live broadcast software, barrage software or video optimization software will occupy hardware resources in the background Source. In the process of baking CPU by aida64 (room temperature 25 โ„ƒ), it is found that the frequency is stable and does not decrease after 15 minutes of continuous copying. Of course, this is related to the excellent heat dissipation design of the mechanical revolution deep sea Titan x3-s.

Geekbench version 5.5.2 is also more focused on CPU testing, and is also the necessary software for running CPU benchmark test. The final report card core 1305, multi-core score 7671, is excellent enough.

X264 mainly detects the encoding and decoding performance of the processor in video. The score of 50 FPS is smooth enough, so it will also perform well in content creation.

Including the use of V-Ray, the detection of its rendering characteristics is also recognized, and the final score is 11738, which means that the CPU is competent in processing rendering software including V-Ray.

Graphics card: RTX 2060 with light tracing technology

In addition to the core i7-10875h, the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s is equipped with a rtx206gb independent graphics card. As we all know, the RTX series of graphics cards are equipped with the well-known Turing architecture. The number of rtx2060 stream processors reaches 1920 and gddr6 video memory.

For the game book, the graphics card is also occupy a majority of the importance. The rtx2060 on x3-s, a deep-sea titan of mechanical revolution, passed the test in 3dmaker. The time spy score was 6333, the fire strike extreme score was 14777, the fire strike extreme score was 7371, and the fire strike Uitra score was 3712. From the score point of view, this rtx2060 in the game book performance is very excellent, through the actual game test results are the same.

In the game of survival of the Jedi, the screen settings are generally medium quality, and the frame rate of 116fps and above can be obtained in the game. The temperature of the video card is 69 โ„ƒ and the CPU temperature is 73 โ„ƒ. The whole game process is quite smooth. In a relatively complex environment, the awesome hardware performance is not due to the chain’s failure due to the power of the cooling system. For the game host player, even if the background of a video recording software will not have a great impact.

In addition, for more mainstream stand-alone games, their requirements for hardware will be higher. In “Tomb Raider” this game, we will open the special effects, the quality is adjusted to the highest, after testing, the average frame number can reach 91 FPS. It can be seen that i7-10875h + rtx2060 is enough to meet the performance requirements of most players, and anchor players can also get unprecedented experience through mechanical revolution of deep-sea Titan.

In addition to the new Intel’s 10th generation core i7-10850h processor and NVIDIA RTX 2060’s unique support, the notebook also carries 16GB DDR4 dual channel memory and 512gb PCIe SSD. Let’s take a look at the specific tests.

In aida64 memory test, the read speed is 40313mb / s, the write speed is 40264mb / s, and the delay is 56.7ns, which belongs to the high-end level.

In terms of hard disk, BIWIN storage and 512gb PCIe nvme mode can ensure the fast startup of system and program and the high-speed transmission of large file data.

The sequential reading speed of the hard disk is 2069mb / s and the writing speed is 1675mb / s, which can meet the requirements of high-speed data transmission. However, for the game book, the capacity is relatively small, so we can expand ourselves later.

Through the above hardware performance test, we can see that the ten generation of Intel i7-10850H processor is obviously more awesome. It makes the notebook not only satisfy the smooth running of various 3A works, but also meet the high performance needs of content creation. Of course, with the RTX 2060 with light chasing technology, it will obviously add to the cake and bring players a pleasant experience.

In fact, it is not only powerful in terms of performance, but also has quite good performance in terms of appearance design and functions. Therefore, for players who want to buy game books, they may as well continue to read and see the relevant details to deepen their impression.


Mechanical revolution deep sea Titan x3-s adopts a very simple and strong design style. A side in addition to the logo of mechanical revolution, there is only a small piece of Kafra texture embellishment.

Turning on the screen, we can see the 17.3-inch large screen of side B. thanks to the design of super narrow frame of x3-s, the deep-sea titan of mechanical revolution, almost all of them are screens. Moreover, due to the increase in the proportion of screens, the overall plane area of the fuselage is not much larger than the traditional 15.6 inch fuselage, and it is more portable.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s, which supports 144hz refresh rate, brings more fluent and refined game experience and operation for players. Right above the screen is a high-definition camera and mic, surrounded by different materials to highlight this functional area.

The C-side of the deep-sea Titan x3-s has a full-size RGB keyboard. It is a pity that there is no mechanical keyboard. However, the keyboard has a long key range, good feel and feedback. What’s more, the built-in software can also adjust a variety of backlight colors. The touchpad is not that kind of large-scale touchpad, after all, for the game originally said, the role of the touchpad can almost be ignored.

In addition, it should be noted that beside the power button, the mechanical revolution also designs a one button switch mode button, which can be easily switched in office, game and windstorm modes. Combined with the self-contained electronic competition Console Software of mechanical revolution, players can easily manage multiple parameters of the game book, so that it can meet the needs of more players.

In terms of interface, the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s has a RJ45 network cable interface, a USB interface, an audio interface, and a microphone interface on the left.

A SD card slot and two USB 3.0 interfaces are provided on the right side of the fuselage. There is also a heat sink.

The back of the fuselage has two minidp interfaces, one HDMI interface, one type-C port and one DC power interface. Both in terms of quantity and mainstream trends, the interface is enough for players to connect to their commonly used peripherals, such as monitors, mechanical keyboards and mice, or mobile hard disks.

In the d-side of the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan, we can see a large area of hollow mesh, combined with the powerful cooling system composed of internal double fans and 5 heat pipes, so as to ensure that the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s can continuously output high-performance.

Evaluation summary:

Generally speaking, the mechanical revolution deep-sea Titan x3-s is a high-performance game book with excellent performance, which can meet the needs of most game players and game hosts. Intel Core i7-10875h provides excellent computing power not only for gamers, but also for professional modeling work. The notebook itself maintains the characteristics of lightweight and portable, as well as the characteristics of high refresh rate video game screen. Through the control center, you can create your game book into more personalized equipment with simple settings. These features will make players excited.

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