Top fashion style, vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition TVC exposure

Today, vivo officials have released the limited edition TVC of the vivo X30 series alexanderwang. In the video, Alexander Wang, an international fashion leader, was surprised and dedicated. He held a mobile phone designed by himself and used 60x super zoom to capture creative urban scenery. Shows the high-end fashion texture, causing hot debate on the Internet.

At the same time, a group of vivo X30 series alexanderwang joint limited edition official posters and product pictures have also been shared by major media in recent days. From the pictures, we know that the appearance of this co-branded product is silver. The corner of the back of the mobile phone is engraved with vivo alexanderwang. The back cover is fully chrome-plated to achieve an extremely smooth full-mirror design. With a bold avant-garde full-mirror design Style, won wide praise in the fashion circle.

As a super-first-line Chinese designer in New York, Alexander Wang not only ranks in the "Time" weekly list of the world's most influential people, but also allows his eponymous brand alexanderwang to cooperate with brands from all walks of life. . The cross-border collaboration between the vivo X30 series and Alexander Wang will upgrade the stylish texture image of the X series again.

Vivo is a mobile brand full of vitality and youth, while Alexander Wang's design style is trendy and pioneering. In this opportunity, vivo and Alexander Wang brought together a limited edition product with a collision of styles and a cultural combination. Through the extremely smooth all-mirror design, the starting point is to create a striking high-profile fashion style, creating a new mobile phone with a unique "dazzling visual language".

The entire vivo X30 series is equipped with a dual-mode 5G SoC Exynos 980 chip integrated with a 5G modem. As the world's first dual-mode 5G AI chip with A77 architecture jointly built by vivo and Samsung, it also supports NSA and SA dual networking modes, which can achieve a maximum of 2.55 The Gbps download rate can fully guarantee the extraordinary 5G performance of X30 series mobile phones.

And, vivo X30 Pro uses a new four-camera lens combination. Among them, the 13-megapixel 5x periscope telephoto lens is supported by the ultra-integrated algorithm independently developed by vivo, which can increase the picture magnification of the periscope telephoto lens to the current industry-leading 60 times.

For vivo, cross-border cooperation with fashion star Alexander Wang is a breakthrough attempt. With the joint limited edition of vivo X30 series alexanderwang, vivo broke through the yawning in the technology industry and embraced the avant-garde fashion concept to embrace more young audiences.