Toyota bets on the future: invest heavily in "flying car" eVTOL

Toyota announced on January 16 that it has invested US $ 394 million in the US company "Joby Aviation", which is dedicated to the development of "airborne taxi" fuselage, and officially entered the air mobile business. It is reported that after the completion of this round of financing, Joby Aviation's total financing amount reached 720 million US dollars. Investors include Intel Capital, JetBlue Technology, Toyota Artificial Intelligence, etc.


The two companies will share car production and electrification technologies in an effort to achieve mass production of the aforementioned airframes. Joby Aviation is developing the "eVTOL" motor body with vertical take-off and landing characteristics of helicopters, drones, and small aircraft. This development is geared towards short-range movements, and strives to make use of air taxis, which are expected to be used for commuting to work in urban congestion areas with severe traffic congestion.

According to reports, Joby Aviation's electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft can fly at a maximum speed of about 320 kilometers per hour and has a range of more than 240 kilometers on a single charge. Joby Aviation said that because of its electric drivetrain and multi-rotor design, the aircraft is 100 times quieter than traditional aircraft during takeoff and landing, and is almost silent when flying in the air.