Toyota RAV4 plug-in hybrid with the same model? The new Lexus NX three powers are all exposed

A few days ago, we learned from relevant channels that Toyota has applied for registration of various trademark information in China, including NX 260, NX 350H and NX 400H +. According to overseas information, the new Lexus NX is expected to be equipped with 2.5L fuel / 2.5L hybrid / 2.5L plug-in hybrid power systems.

From the trademark registration information, Toyota has registered three vehicle model names for Lexus NX, including NX 260, NX 350H and NX 400H +.

According to the information that has been exposed overseas, the new Lexus NX 260 will be equipped with a 2.5L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 209 horsepower; the new Lexus NX 350H may use a 2.5L hybrid system, and the system's integrated maximum power can reach 222 horsepower.

It is worth mentioning that the newly added NX 400H + may be a new plug-in hybrid version. The new car is expected to be equipped with the same power system as the overseas version of Toyota ’s new Rong Fang Prime. The system is powered by a 2.5L engine and Plug-in hybrid system composed of electric motors.

According to the overseas version of the Rong Fang Prime model, its 0-97km / h acceleration takes only 5.8 seconds, the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 2.6L, and the pure electric endurance is 63km. With the four-wheel drive system, RAV4 Prime is also known as the strongest in history. RAV4.

According to previous news, the new Lexus NX will be built on the GA-K platform. In addition, Toyota Motor also announced that it will produce the Lexus NX at the Ontario plant in Canada in 2022, which includes a conventional power version and a hybrid version.