Toyota shot: Will hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks be the best alternative to fuel trucks?

Recently, Toyota announced that it will jointly develop heavy hydrogen fuel trucks with its subsidiary Hino. According to the small electric detective, the heavy truck weighs 25 tons and has a target range of about 600 kilometers. The hydrogen fuel cell technology comes from the next-generation Toyota Mirai model.


It is reported that the heavy truck in the joint development project is based on Hino Profia's Hino Profia FR1AWHG, and is equipped with two hydrogen fuel cell groups with a target range of about 600 kilometers. For comparison, the Mirai passenger car has a range of about 640 kilometers.

The small electric detective boldly speculated that if the project is successfully promoted and mass-produced, it means that the biggest concern for hydrogen fueled vehicles at present-hydrogen storage technology, will have significant improvements. So, as long as the construction of hydrogen refueling stations can keep up, perhaps hydrogen fuel cells can successfully solve the "charging anxiety" problem.