Toyota's domestic Hayley information exposure: TNGA + hybrid will start production in November next year

With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic joint venture SUV market, Toyota also intends to introduce new models to strengthen its overall strength in the SUV market segment. Earlier, news showed that the new car, code-named 941B, was about to be made in China, and its Chinese name was “Halia”. The car name is very close to the transliteration of Harrier on sale in the Japanese market. This move may mean that FAW Toyota introduced it to China after the replacement of Harrier.

Recently, we have learned about the 941B (Helia) EIA information through online channels. The EIA documents show that FAW Toyota will officially put into production 941B in November 2021, with a planned annual production capacity of 60,000 vehicles.



The new car will be built based on the TNGA-K platform. According to foreign media forecasts, the new car will also use 2.0L and 2.5L hybrid systems. From the perspective of overall product strength and model positioning, the new car can be regarded as a “large” brand new RAV4. It will further enrich Toyota’s product matrix in the SUV segment.

From the environmental assessment information, Hailia ’s domestic projects did not invest in new plants, but reduced the 60,000 units / year of the new RAV4 for the 941B project.

After the domestic production, Hailia will be positioned between RAV4 Rongfang and Highlander, which is a big five-seater SUV. Earlier, both the first and second generations of Hailia had been directly rebranded as Lexus RX, and the third generation model began to differentiate from Lexus RX, with different levels and designs.

At present, the overseas version of Harrier is about to face a replacement. It is expected that the replacement model will be consistent with the domestic version. In addition, with the arrival of domestically produced Helia, FAW Toyota has a main product in the small, compact and medium-sized markets, and the car will compete with Tiguan L, Honda Guandao / UR-V and other models in the future.