Tucson and ZF will jointly develop mass-produced driverless truck systems

In the morning of March 27th, Tucson announced in the future that it will cooperate with the automotive supplier ZF in April 2020 to further promote the technological development and commercialization of driverless trucks, covering the world’s largest market. , Including China, North America, and Europe.


Tucson Future and ZF will jointly develop mass-produced self-driving truck systems that include camera, lidar and millimeter-wave radar sensing technologies, driverless control technologies, and a vehicle-grade central processing platform “ZF ProAI” . At the same time, Tucson will work with ZF to advance the front-loading configuration of unmanned systems.

In this cooperation, ZF will also provide engineering support to integrate Tucson’s future driverless systems into mass-produced driverless trucks.

Chuck Price, Tucson’s future chief product officer, said: “Working side by side with ZF to improve and integrate our mass production technology and optimize our hardware capabilities will allow Tucson to further focus on the development of driverless technology in the future. Making mass production of driverless trucks truly possible. ”

Torsten Gollewski, Executive Vice President of ZF Automated Driving Systems, said: “The key to the successful development of unmanned driving systems is to ensure that the development and production of the system and all components are in compliance with vehicle-grade requirements. The combination of the solution and Tucson’s future driverless technology will establish the first commercially-available driverless truck platform. ”