U.S. IIHS retests Tesla Model 3, which cancels radar, and gives top safety + evaluation again

Some time ago, Tesla announced that starting from May 2021, Model 3 and Model Y vehicles manufactured for the North American market will no longer be equipped with radar technology.

As Tesla announced its abandonment of the radar program, many agencies expressed concern about Tesla's decision and simultaneously lowered the rating of the corresponding models.

The US "Consumer Report" recently stated that the 2021 Tesla Model 3 will no longer be listed as the "preferred model". In addition, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has also cancelled the previous safety rating of this model.

However, recently, the US IIHS conducted another test against the 2021 Tesla Model 3 without radar.

Test results show that Model3 has regained the highest safety rating TopSafetyPick+ (top safety+). Seeing this result, Consumer Reports immediately re-listed 21 Model 3 models in the "recommended" evaluation.

But for such results, Musk is still not satisfied. The main reason is that the AEB and CAA in the active safety part of pedestrians (including crossing adults and children, parallel adults), the test results have changed from the best Superior in other items to the second. Advanced.

Musk said that they can get the best of all sub-projects. Tesla will improve the software and retest it next month. The improved software will be simultaneously pushed to all models equipped with HW3.0.

At the same time, according to David Aylor, IIHS active safety test manager, the performance of the Model3 tested this time and the earlier version with radar, the performance of the two systems seem to be similar.

This also shows from the side that the AEB and CAA performance of the Tesla model after the millimeter wave radar is canceled has not changed much. After all, Tesla has mainly relied on pure visual solutions to support assisted driving functions.

In addition, some time ago, some media bloggers measured the cancellation of millimeter wave radar ModelY, he said that the new ModelY's pure vision autopilot solution is compared with the old one with radar solution.

At least there is no obvious difference in the user's daily experience. He even said that the automatic driving performance of the new model is still very good, and the vehicle is more sensitive, decisive and precise than the old model.

However, it is embarrassing that in the Chinese market, many domestic media have conducted actual tests on Tesla’s AEB active braking function. As a result, in most cases, Tesla has "rolled over" and hit the dummy. And obstacles, the reasons behind it are worthy of Tesla's in-depth consideration.