Ude 2020 TCL cross border joint CJ brings different large screen experience

On July 31, 2020, ude & iLife 2020 will open in Shanghai New International Expo Center. The 3-day international display Expo will bring together leading enterprises in the industry and display many display technology products with cutting-edge technology. As a leading brand in the field of smart home appliances, TCL will show off all kinds of products to show new technologies, new products and other black technologies. It is reported that TCL is the largest exhibitor with a total area of 720 square meters (booth e1-a33).

At this international display Expo, TCL will not only bring visitors several popular products, such as “know your big screen audio and painting expert”, “understand your super speed refrigeration machine”, “understand your classification cleaning expert”, “understand your smart soft wind air conditioner”, but also will cross-border joint Tencent game, Xishanju game and perfect world game IP to hold A number of games, video, social and other entertainment in one of the fun activities, let everyone really experience the shock of the big screen.

During the event, TCL will hold a big God challenge, invite Wang Zhe Rong Da Shen Wei Mei and popular anchor Su Xiaoluo to compete on the same platform, and conduct live PK with players, and play the game of King Honor on large screen TV. It’s said that there is also the ultimate prize on the spot of the challenge, and the winner will win a TCL 75 inch large screen TV for free! Listen, can’t you wait to join?

In addition, TCL will also cooperate with perfect world game to hold the perfect world immortal cultivation competition. In the TCL exhibition area, fans will form a burning battle sky group with cosers, the land of gods and demons. The live PK gesture dance will witness the magic land under 8K screen shocking sound and picture!

In addition, there are also many clock in points in TCL exhibition area. When the audience friends complete the punch in task, there will be unexpected prizes waiting for you. At the same time, in the perfect world exhibition area of China joy, you can also participate in the TCL · XESS rotating smart screen interaction and contest the lottery together. Interested friends should pay more attention to TCL!

Tiktok as a short video giant has become one of the most popular mobile phone applications nowadays. Tiktok tiktok will also master the challenge of TCL. At the international exhibition, we will master the challenge of the challenge. We can learn to dance by TCL XESS.

As the only domestic technology enterprise with the whole industry chain of display field, TCL insists on reform and innovation on the track of science and technology field. Last year, TCL was committed to transforming into a science and technology industry group by adjusting its structure and strategy, and continuously strengthened its technical strength. At present, TCL has set up 28 research and development institutions in the world, supporting TCL from the overall leading display technology to the landing of all categories of AI x IOT. Tiktok will be amazed by the TCL’s black technology products at the UDE exhibition. You will also be shocked by the shock activities of the cross-border joint head game IP and the more fun master challenge challenge. You will believe that TCL will shine brilliantly at this exhibition.