UFS 2.2 standard announced: Introduce WriteBooster, file transfer faster

The JEDEC Solid State Storage Association recently announced the UFS 2.2 storage standard. The most important change is the addition of WriteBooster write acceleration.

The file code of this UFS 2.2 standard is JESDJESD220C-2.2. With the addition of the WriteBooster function, the writing speed is effectively improved compared with UFS 2.1. Faster writing speed generally affects application installation, startup, file caching, large file reading and writing and other application scenarios, effectively improving the response speed of mobile phones.

During the previous transition period from UFS 3.0 to UFS 3.1, some manufacturers added write acceleration to their UFS 3.0, thus achieving daily performance close to UFS 3.1. Although UFS 3.1 also added features such as low-power deep sleep and HPB, the overall perception is not that strong.

It has been confirmed that the chips supporting UFS 2.2 include MediaTek Dimensity 720 and 800U, but as eMMC gradually fades out of the mainstream consumer market, UFS 2.2 should become the main storage solution for low-end models, so there should be more chips in the future Added support for UFS 2.2.