Ultimate game experience red devil 5S first sale enjoy interest free benefits

With the continuous development of the e-sports game industry, more and more players are paying attention to the game phones. This year, the game phone market is very hot. As a pioneer of game phones, Nubia launched the red devil 5g game phone in the first half of this year, and then launched the red devil 5S game phone on July 28, bringing more extreme game experience. The red magic 5S was officially sold for the first time at 10:00 a.m. on August 1, and now you can enjoy up to 24 periods of interest free. Users can go to Jingdong and Nubia official shopping malls to make an appointment to purchase the red magic 5S. The current price is from 3799 yuan (USD $543) . From July 31 to August 3, red magic 5S game mobile phone & amp; Nubia intelligent ecological products will also be launched in the air. 2020chinajoy will meet you at the e4-08 of the Qualcomm snapdragon theme museum.

Flagship configuration for better performance

Red magic 5S game phone is equipped with snapdragon 865 mobile platform, 7Nm technology, kyro 585 CPU and Adreno 650 GPU. In addition, the red magic 5S is equipped with lpddr5 memory and UPS 3.1 flash memory, which makes the mobile phone more responsive in data processing.

In addition to carrying flagship hardware, the red magic 5S game phone has also added a self-developed GPU boost technology, which reconstructs the traditional graphics processing architecture at the bottom of the system, realizes the cooperation of software and hardware, and greatly improves the overall efficiency of GPU.

Thanks to the powerful performance, the comprehensive performance score of Angou rabbit of red devil 5S game phone exceeded 650000, and Master Lu’s comprehensive score also exceeded 610000, which is in the leading position in the comprehensive performance score.

144hz super competitive screen + 320hz Touch Dual IC shoulder key, smoother and more convenient

In order to get the ultimate game experience, it is not enough to rely on leading hardware alone. It also needs a matching screen. Red magic 5S adopts a 144hz refresh rate super competitive screen, which is also the highest refresh rate in the mobile phone industry. Compared with the traditional 60Hz or even 90hz refresh rate, the red magic 5S has better performance in image blocking and dragging.

At the same time, the super competitive screen of red magic 5S also supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, and the touch response is 240 times per second. Therefore, the screen can give corresponding feedback according to the user’s operation in a more timely manner, which makes the game more follow-up, that is to say, click to send and millisecond fight.

For games that test control, such as shooting games, the smoother screen display effect can make our game screen more smooth, the angle of view can be adjusted in one go, and there will be no stuck phenomenon. At the same time, the high sampling rate can realize the operation of shooting by clicking on the screen. Even if it is shooting with the opponent at the same time, with the higher touch sampling rate, the red devil 5S can also fire bullets in the first time.

In order to better meet the control needs of players, the red magic 5S is equipped with independent IC touch chips for the two shoulder keys, and provides a touch sampling rate of 320hz, so that players can be more fluent in multi finger operation. In order to improve the handle of the shoulder key, the red magic 5S has a U-shaped groove in the touch area, which makes the fingers more natural when pressing.

Continuous high performance output of stereo multidimensional cooling system

Red magic 5S game phone also has a big advantage, that is, heat dissipation. The ice 4.0 multiple cooling system is adopted for the mobile phone, which can reduce the temperature of the mobile phone faster, and keep the mobile phone in a state of high performance for a long time.

First of all, the red magic 5S game phone adopts ice Ag (superconducting metal silver technology), and silver plated heat sink is added on the rear shell of the body, so as to achieve better heat dissipation effect. If combined with ice wind heat dissipation magic box, it can provide more extreme heat dissipation effect for red magic 5S.

In addition, the red magic 5S uses a metal middle frame, which also plays an auxiliary role in heat dissipation. Inside the fuselage, there are ultra-thin liquid cooling copper tubes and large-area thermal conductive copper foil, which can quickly disperse the heat inside the fuselage, so as to achieve rapid cooling.

In view of the heat generation of the chip, the red magic 5S uses aerospace grade nano thermal conductive materials, similar to the silicone grease on PC, which can improve the heat dissipation efficiency inside the fuselage.

Coupled with the red magic 5S active cooling fan, the cooling effect of the mobile phone is better than that of the general mobile phone. Red magic 5S built-in high-efficiency centrifugal fan uses brushless motor, energy-saving silent, high efficiency, long life, can achieve a speed of 15000 rpm, continuous fan for an hour of power consumption is less than 1%, so there is no need to worry about fan power consumption.

Red magic 5S game phone has 10 built-in temperature sensors, which are distributed in different areas. When the temperature inside the body reaches a critical value, it will start the cooling program to bring users a better game experience.

The cool and exquisite appearance design, strong performance, efficient heat dissipation and precise control make the red magic 5S one of the most recommended game phones at present. For players who like to play games, the 4D vibration and DTS sound effects of the red devil 5S will give you a completely different experience from other mobile phones in the game Mobile phone system optimization for the game, even can make your game level greatly improved.

In addition, Nubia has also brought an intelligent ecological product, Nubia watch. Nubia watch adopts a 4.01 inch AMOLED large flexible color screen, making all kinds of operation more convenient. This kind of ESIM can be realized without the support of SMS and wechat. Nubia watch is highly playable and supports custom bullet screen mode, creative text and picture effect. Nubia watch has built-in professional health module, which can realize high-precision detection of heart rate, sleep state and exercise guidance.