Ultra-high color gamut, stunning vision, TCL T7D full-scene AI TV

The price of large-screen TVs this year has plunged to a level that is almost cut in half. The 65-inch large-screen TV is no longer as expensive as it used to be. This is also the result of the upgrade of the LCD industry chain. With the advantage of controlling the upstream of the industry chain, TCL is not only the first brand to lower the price of large screens this year, but also is determined to improve the picture quality. One of the representative products is this TCL 65T7D ultra-high color gamut full scene AI TV.

For ordinary users, the most intuitive criteria for a good TV are picture quality and sound quality. In terms of picture quality, TCL 65T7D has a high color gamut of 130% (BT.709) of primary colors, which can present more diverse and bright colors, and appear richer in picture levels, making the TV picture quality closer to natural primary colors with clear levels Clearly, it is more comfortable in viewing experience.

In addition, TCL 65T7D also supports 4K+ full ecological HDR technology and Q image quality engine technology, which optimizes image quality from multiple dimensions, and will be more delicate in terms of screen details. Equipped with T972 chip and 3+32G storage, it supports up to 8K video decoding, so that the TV can play 8K content smoothly.

In terms of sound quality, TCL 65T7D adopts the Conchs sound sound system, with strong bass and clear treble, and is supported by DTS Virtual·X sound effect technology, so that the living room can also have a cinema-like 360° surround sound effect, bringing an immersive audio-visual experience.

In appearance, the TCL T7D adopts a panoramic full-screen design. The design style close to borderless is very shocking in terms of visual presentation, and the whole body is very thin and light. It does not seem to have the bulky feeling of a traditional TV at all, just like a piece of art. Living room decoration.

At the same time, TCL 65T7D has also done a remarkable job in all-scenario AI intelligence. Its voice assistant can reach 12 meters of far-field voice recognition, and it only needs to wake up once to have continuous multiple rounds of dialogue, which means that the control will become more convenient; it can also be paired with smart appliances to become a whole house The control center of the smart home.

In addition, TCL T7D also supports the playback of a variety of content. In addition to the massive film, animation, variety shows, sports, education and other resources built into the system, the content of the small screen can be projected to the TV with one click, which can easily achieve a more immersive movie viewing experience.

TCL 65T7D has a 4K large screen and ultra-high color gamut, which can bring good viewing effects, and is not satisfied with only providing content, but also brings some convenience in life, and the price can also fit many consumers. Budget, suitable for home users to buy. At present, the TCL 65T7D is priced at 3799 yuan (USD $543) in Jingdong Mall. If you have limited display space, you can also consider the 55-inch 55T7D.

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