Ultra-thin 5G mobile phone, vivo Y73s is about to start its first sale

Shenzhen, October 12, 2020 – As the main force in the vivo thousand-yuan market, the vivo Y series will soon usher in a new generation of the vivo Y73s on October 16, with a starting price of 1998 yuan (USD $285) .

The slim and stylish body of the vivo Y73s allows users to obtain a comfortable holding experience, and the three trendy colors and special craftsmanship give the vivo Y73 a unique texture. Taking pictures has always been the advantage of vivo. The vivo Y73s also has excellent capabilities in taking pictures. With the system-level professional algorithm, the vivo Y73s becomes a rare ultra-thin 5G mobile phone at a price of 1,000 yuan (USD $143) .

Silver moon color

Ingenious design, easy to grasp the beautiful palm

The body thickness of the vivo Y73s is only 7.73mm, and the weight is 171.3g. The long rectangular module style matches the arrangement of the vertical lens. The flagship design interprets the consistent design aesthetics of vivo.

The inspiration for the three color schemes this time is taken from natural intentions and presents an impactful visual perception: “Silver Moon”-a combination of complex colors during the alternation of the sun and the moon, presenting a different texture; “floating light”-softness Gentle, reflecting the changing colors under different light; “Black Mirror”-inspired by glazed spar, special processing technology makes the classic color matching glow with new vitality. These three color schemes present a diversified style and provide a richer selection of purchases.

  Ultra-clear images clearly record beautiful

The vivo Y73s is equipped with a front 16 million high-definition pixel lens, which can record beautiful moments at all times. At the same time, it is equipped with a front-screen soft halo, supports five-fold super-texture selfies, not only night shooting, but also customized beauty optimization. In addition, the video beauty function WeChat video beauty, even if you have WeChat video with friends, you can show your self-confidence.

The vivo Y73s is equipped with a rear three-camera system, including a 48MP ultra-high-definition main camera lens, an ultra-wide-angle sub-camera with a wide field of view of 120° [1] , and a black and white blur lens. The combination of three rear cameras allows users to choose more modes when shooting and record beautiful moments at hand.

The front and rear ultra-perceptual night scene photos can use multi-frame synthesis algorithms to improve the brightness of the picture and eliminate noise, and the night is moving.

At the same time, vivo Y73s also supports photo de-shadow, through the intelligent recognition of document-like pictures, erase the shadow areas that affect the look and feel of the picture, and restore clear font effects.

In addition, the 4100mAh battery with dual-engine flash charging provides Y73s with reliable battery life, and the 8GB+128GB storage lays the foundation for a smooth experience.

On October 16th, vivo Y73s “Silver Moon” color matching and “Black Mirror” color matching are the first to start hot sales. For more information, please visit major official stores and official websites.

[1] 108° after correction