Unanimous road-respond to user expectations with good screens

On January 15, Samsung officially released its Galaxy S21 series of mobile phones, and the appearance at the press conference made us realize that the Galaxy S21 series also spent a lot of effort on the mobile phone screen, 120Hz refresh rate, plus HDR The support of 10 adds a lot to the user experience on the mobile phone screen. We can also see that various manufacturers have gone further on the road of mobile phone screens.

From the perspective of the mobile phone industry in 2020, high refresh rate mobile phone screens have become more mainstream, and the previously neglected mobile phone screen refresh rate has been greatly improved. And some of the pioneers have set foot in the field of 120Hz refresh rate, bringing users a better screen experience.

For example, this OPPO Find X2, which was released in early 2020, has adopted a 120Hz refresh rate screen before the 90Hz screen has been widely used. When it was born, it can be said to have brought a huge shock to the entire mobile phone market and gave consumers more excellent choices.

In addition to the 120Hz screen refresh rate of Find X2, Find X2 also realizes the option of opening 120Hz and 2K resolution at the same time. It was not until a year later that the super cup of Samsung S21 had such a capability, leading the user experience. . In addition, Find X2 also supports HDR 10, able to watch a variety of high dynamic range visual content. Establish a benchmark for mobile screen experience in 2020.

Although it is a mobile phone released at the beginning of 2020, its excellent performance on the screen has few rivals until now. For a mobile phone, an excellent screen experience is not only a hard parameter of screen quality, but also a better level of performance with further excellent tuning on the excellent hardware.

In a WHYLAB test for mobile phone screens, we can also see that the OPPO Find X2 series has achieved good results in the test, and Find X2 Pro has achieved the first crown. With such excellent screen performance, we can also see OPPO’s emphasis on excellent screen experience in the mobile phone field. OPPO once officially announced that the new generation of Find X3 series will have a more exciting performance on the screen.

OPPO previously announced at its Future Technology Conference that it will be equipped with OPPO’s newly developed full-link color management system on the Find X3 series, adding more excellent software tuning to excellent screen hardware. And we need to know that at this stage, our commonly used colors have different color modes such as sRGB, Adobe RGB, DCI-P3, and NTSC. If these color modes are displayed on devices with different color modes, such as without color management technology If the conversion is directly mapped according to the coordinate system, various color deviations will occur, and the original color cannot be displayed correctly.

Therefore, it has a deeper meaning to carry color management technology on smart phones. It can make the phone more accurately present the real information of the screen, so that we can truly achieve what you see is what you get. However, behind the seemingly simple color management, it needs very complicated technical support to display it reasonably. The lack of any link from acquisition-storage-display can not perfectly display image information. For different color modes, the color three-dimensional coordinates of each color are different, and the correct restoration is not easy. But if this problem cannot be solved, it will seriously affect the user experience, so this is the direction that various manufacturers have been working hard.

OPPO’s full-link color management system further supports the complete 10-bit color experience from image capture, processing, and output. The 10-bit full-link color management is performed from the original image data information to ensure It has accurate color display in every aspect of experience. OPPO’s full-link color management system will also be Android’s first color management system that supports full-link 10bit color processing, which can be said to bring a huge leap in user experience.

So in the known future, what we can meet is that Find X3 will have more advanced and higher-quality screen hardware than Find X2, bringing users a high-quality experience of screen quality, and there will be further full-link colors. The management system provides users with an excellent experience of high-quality hardware and high-quality software tuning.

We also believe that in 2021, more manufacturers in the mobile phone industry will pay attention to the excellent experience on the mobile phone screen, create a better screen experience for us, and push the mobile screen experience to a new height. Manufacturers follow the same path.